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Trump University Review - Who Can We Trust In Business?
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Is Trump University scam? I do not know about you, but if anything that deals with Trump just so happens to be a scam, then who can you really trust in business?

Ok, so, when you hear of Donald Trump business, you automatically think "success" right? Of course you do, shoot, I know I do. Think of all the money Trump has, do you feel like an educated millionaire such as him will ever scam anyone?

What is Trump University?

It is an online learning center developed by Donald Trump. Trump has made a name for himself over the years in high-end real estate, developing properties such as luxury condos, sky-rises, and casinos.

The classes offered at Trump University are:

1. Real Estate 2. Entrepreneurship 3. Management 4. Wealth Creation

Each of these topics are taught through a variety of ways, such as:

1. Online courses 2. Home study kits 3. Live seminars/retreats

However, there are two cons of Trump University, they are:

A. The school is not an accredited program. This means that you won't actually get a real degree or college credits upon completion. B. Turns out that the mogul's self-named university is a less-than-collegiate.

I know you are probably thinking "how is this possible? Well, in a letter held by the New York Daily News, they are raged by Trump for using the term "university" to describe his online school, calling its use of the name misleading and even illegal.

Trump University was actually hit with a D-minus rating by the Better Business Bureau in January. So, what are your thoughts on this issue?

To me, it is just like any other well known millionaire. People put so much trust in them, because that is how they portray their image. So, if Trump University a scam, then who can you really trust in business?

Sometimes, in most cases, the best business education are the ones that are never heard of or are underground. But, in order learn Donald Trump business, you have to be smart about your decision in being business savvy or entrepreneurship or even just to earn extra income from home, it takes more than just research and understand than anyone can be an entrepreneur with a little passion, dedication, and proper training.

Some of things you should look for are:

1. Testimonies 2. Does the sales pitch sound 'flashy" or like a real person looking out for you?

Is Trump University a scam ? Well, if Trump University is a scam, then who can you really trust in business? Trump University make business universities, such as Wealthy Affiliate University look so bad.

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