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What Is The Best Keywords Tool Available For Marketers
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What is the biggest hurdle for an internet marketer, you may ask. In my humble opinion, it is locating a keyword you can very profitably monetize on.

I am certain you have experienced many mental blocks, sitting in front of your computer screen, racking your brain, trying all sorts of niches your ‘tiny’ brain can think of. Please accept my sincere apologies. I do not mean to insult you but you will agree that our individual brain is nowhere compared to the brains of software tool creators who had pooled their resources together to solve your very blank look you have suffered many times. Can your individual brain also compete against the computing power of today’s CPU? I do not think so! So, am I forgiven?

That is the reality of what I face anyway.

Do not despair, there is a tool and it is free too. Google has a keyword research tool to aid you in your mindless search for a keyword that has a good search volume coupled with low competitiveness. This intuitive tool has the intelligence to suggest words and phrases that are similar to your initial keyword. Sometimes very closely related and some are remotely related. However, the good thing is that you do not need to rack your brains anymore.

Now here is a neat little trick that is overlooked by early marketers. Only in recent years has this technique been used and used extensively.

It is aptly named Exact Match Domain. As the name implies, the objective is to find a keyword that is niche and has good search volume coupled with low competitiveness as mentioned earlier. However, it is getting harder and harder as each day passes that such niche keyword are available anymore. So the only solution is to look for multiple words, typically three to even five words in a string. These are known as long-tail keywords.

Now this still look daunting, doesn’t it? A bit overwhelming.

This is where those crafty software engineers come to the rescue. As always, when there is a problem, there are people who will come up with solutions.

There are many software search tools in the market and marketers will always have their the best keywords tool. One of them even suggest broad niches should you face the dreaded stone wall. Just hit the IDEA button and up pops a niche for you to consider.

There are plenty other features in the package which include domain availability (not real-time), spy on Adsense, articles, links and ads of the competition. Pretty cool tool!

If these are a bit too much, then head over to a more rounded and best keywords tool that is part of a comprehensive and well structured internet marketing course.

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