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Work At Home Scams
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Work at Home Scams

Who likes the feeling of being scammed? I know if you are like me being scammed does not feel like integrity makes me feel. In fact, its enough to make my stomach queasy and I lose my appetite which is not okay because I like to eat! However, this article is on work at home scams and hopefully I will be able to help you to never be scammed again.

To Be Scammed Or Not

While writing this article I found information on the internet and websites that I wish I had found during my beginning pursuit of a work at home business. Clearly, then what I found was a few scam forums. Now what the scam forums do is they tell on other internet businesses that are not legitimate. In fact, one scam forum in particular compares the websites company registration, the person that registered the business, and the administrative contact. In addition, there are review forums that seem to have a pretty good way to tell who is who. Pursuing this further, another technique that the review sites tell us to use of course is the old type the name of the company+scam in the search box technique. Besides that, if it sounds to good to be true or you are having a bad feeling about the company or the opportunity leave it alone.

Can We Trust These Scam Forums

Do we trust these forums 100 percent well I would say no because nothing is ever 100 percent no matter how hard we try to make it that way. But we can look at some of the information that we see at the scam forums and decide if we want to do business with these companies or online programs, so it does help to do our home work. Also, like the old saying "you can't please all the people all the time" sometimes during a business or work venture we may not be the right fit for some companies or the companies for us.

The Good From the Bad

So how can we tell if the training or work we seek is legitimate or not? In other words what do we look for in a reputable job or online course?

  • Who is the owner of the company
  • Are they making claims of later becoming larger than other internet companies
  • Does the program or employment offer one on one online training
  • Or maybe structured learning such as, step by step learning
  • As Far as training programs go are the tutorials updated, and even more importantly is there earn money while you learn options

On the other hand, unemployment is on the rise and some people employed don't like their jobs and are looking for something new in light of the situation it is easy to see that we want to tell the good guys from the bad.

Street Talk

Good article! There are far too many work-from-home scams out there. Thank you for writing on this.

  about 1 decade ago

Hey! I really appreciate the comment. You are welcome!

  about 1 decade ago
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