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Your Online Business Idea Is Possible
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Your Online Business Idea Is Possible

Starting an online business share one common attribute with starting an offline business, and this common attribute is that they all start with a business idea. My experience within the entrepreneurial settings has taught me one thing.

Most people fail to act on their business ideas because they turn to doubt the viability of their ideas. Such people listen more to the naysayers and in turn doubt their own abilities.

Sylvester Stallion ones said “nothing is real if you don’t believe in who you are”.

People are not able to act and live their entrepreneurial dream because they tag their business ideas as impossible.

Such group people will rather prefer to hang onto their secured hourly or monthly wage job than go through the daunting task of creating a business idea which they can’t tell of its survival. Taking such positions in life, in my view, is very bad because every business idea has a potential.

I can imagine the number of powerful business ideas that have gone wasted. But it’s important to state that wallowing in the sadness of wasted business idea will only breed continuous negativity, but mingling with the success stories turn to raise hope and give constant motivation.

And as entrepreneurs, we all need constant motivation.

In essence, others have tiredly proven that business ideas forever remain seeds. They have proven that when business ideas are properly cultivated they yield abundant fruits.

Thousands of people are eating from the seeds of their online business ideas that they cultivated.

It is on this premises I assert that there is nothing like an impossible online business idea. What I mean is that I can confidently tell you that the internet business idea dancing and swinging in your mind is very possible.

All you need to do is to pass the online business idea through the following filters.

  • Ethics filter

It is of utmost importance to filter your online business idea through the ethic lens. What I mean by ethic lens is that, consider your internet business ideas to be your eye and ethic to be the sun glasses.

In effect, look through the glass which in this case is ethics to see if your online business idea favors humanity.

You need to ascertain if your online business idea does not violate any moral and/or legal laws of the land. You will be finding answers to questions like:

Does my idea cause any harm to my fellow human, animal and/or the environment?

Is my idea violating any national or international law?

Is my own life safe with this online business idea?

If you are able of find answers that are assuring and are pointing to the very fact that your online business idea is not going to harm, destroy, violate, and/or cheat, proceed to the profitability filter

  • Profitability filter

I don't know about you but for me there is no sense in starting an online business without finding out if you are going to gain returns.

Even the word business buttress the point that you are engaging that idea in exchange for some form of reward which in most cases takes the form of money.

To anchor further the importance of filtering your online business idea to know of its possibility is your goal and passion that is fueling your business idea.

Simply, whatever goals you set for and with your online money making idea, attaining them is tied to the profitability of the business idea. In this sense it is very important to find out if your idea will generate you your desired income.

Fortunately, online businesses are the latest diamond mines. If you work hard at it, you will amass so much wealth for yourself and you will live a life of unlimited satisfaction.

However, measuring the value of your business idea you should not compromise. All set and done, if you can vouch for the profitability of your internet business idea, then take the next step to screen for its sustainability.

  • Sustainability filter

I will never compromise on finding out if something is sustainable especially if the thing involves monetary investment and returns. In more succinct terms, you must consider the long term or the future prospect of your online business idea. Parade yourself with some of the following questions and find answers to them:

How far can this business take me?

Is it going to last, if not what other option is available?

What if I get stuck?

Well, you will agree with me that there are business we turn to do knowing very well their lifespan is shot, but we get involve because there is some form of super abnormal profit to be made.

wish to highlight that I am not staging a claim against business that have short lifespan.

My argument is that knowing beforehand places you in the position to set up a plan B or more so find a way to make it lifespan longer if it’s possible and you are able to pass it through the resource availability sieve.

  • Resource Availability filter

Online or internet business in my view thrives on information. In other words the fundamental resource you will need the most is information. Knowing there is a huge amount of data at your disposal is very relieving.

This is the very reason why you should be concerned with filtering your online business idea through the resource availability filter. Basically, you conduct a research to find out the following:

If there are people involved in online businesses built on ideas similar to yours.

The quality of information available on your niche.

The people constituting the niche,

People you can network or affiliate with so you acquire more knowledge or information.

It is important to network because you will certainly need some help. With a positive result on your online business idea in relations to the resources available, take a final step and filter your internet business idea to determine your level of motivation.

  • Motivation filter

The importance of constantly being motivated as an online entrepreneur I can’t over emphasize. This is because running an online business demands lots of work. It also demands lots of planning, organizing and time management.

As John C Maxwell stated “being organized gives you a sense of power”. You are forced to give up on some habits and acquire new habits.

All these are at times frustrating and depressing. Determining the level of your hunger to succeed with you online business is what the motivation filer reveals to you.

You need to be highly motivated because you are going deal with “online business mountains and ocean”, you will have to walk over “online business scorpions and serpents” and you are going walk through “online business valleys and shadows”.

But if you are hungry for success, the devil called “self” within you will succumb to your mental strength and you will crush all obstacles to reach the finish line. Yes, the finish line because the crown of success is always at the end of handwork and perseverance.

I put it to you that you have genus within you and that every online business idea you have or you have been think about is possible. I suggest you take the pain and time to filter them each using the five filters I have discussed above and get to work.

However, one caution or advice for you: online business is a home base business. You work from the comfort of your home. To make progress daily, it is very vital you always try to make your home environment uncomfortable so that work can go on comfortably.

Online or internet business idea will thrives better on comfortable grounds just like seed will do well and grow on fertile lands.

You need to be uncomfortable to work and keep working, and the business idea needs to be comfortable to power your life onto the path of financial freedom.

I leave you with a quote from Robert Herjavec: “The fact is, anybody can name multiple reasons why a new business will fail, but the business needs only one good reason for it to succeed. If you know the reason, and you are prepared to work hard enough to prove you are right, you will ignore the naysayers".

Street Talk

Very informative article...thanks for publishing it.

  about 8 years ago

This was a powerful article full of true points that are unique in their presentation. I can tell you are a very alive person with a real dynamic personality. And I like that a lot. I also find it exciting to see what talent is coming out of Africa. Your thoughts resonate with my own.

  about 8 years ago

Good article for all enterpreneur...

  about 8 years ago

LOVE this article. As an entrepreneur, I can totally relate to everything you wrote. Haha I love that Sylvester Stallone quote from Rocky III. One of my favorite movies. Big time kudos to you!

  about 8 years ago

thanks Robert Garcia. I have a picture of him on my wall. I love the enterpreneur feeling. check my other article..monetizing an online business idea. Thank

  about 8 years ago
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