10 Ways To Improve Your Google Rank
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10 Ways To Improve Your Google Rank


Any way you look at life...whether you are in the military, looking for a promotion at work, or trying to get into graduate school...you can't get away from rankings. In this posting I am going to share with you 10 ways to improve your Google Rank.

The exact "science" to the ranking process by Google is a trade secret.

What the "experts" have done is to "reverse engineer" what appears to be the most important criteria that Google uses to place your new website on their first page after a keyword search.

By observing various combinations of web data, the "experts" have reconstructed what appears to be the most important features to include (or not include) in the construction and maintenance of your website. Basically, the experts have simply paid attention to what seems to work in getting your website noticed

The first page in Google is what really matters.

Think about when you do a search. How many pages deep do you actually go when viewing what your search has revealed? Most people will not go beyond 3 pages (I don't go beyond page 1).

Your goal is first page as close to the top as possible. You want your website to be in the "organic” area of the page (the middle) not to the side.


Here are some impressive "Google Factoids" that I learned recently:

• Google performs 140 billion searches a month (and is growing).

• There are 4.6 billion searches via Google each day.

• 50% of the searches are with "local intent" (These are people searching for nearby services. For this reason your local businesses must have a website and be ranked by Google).

• 50% of all searches on Google are mobile.

• Of all desktop searches, 70% are via Google.

• Of all mobile searches, 95% are via Google (a website must be "mobile friendly").

• 70% of all searches in the US are done by Google.

• 95% of people who use Google Search never look beyond the first page of their results.


1) Google wants the internet user to have a good experience using their service.

The quality of the experience reinforces a return to the internet (probably by way of Google). And why not? We all return to the places that give us the best service.

2) Google considers good content a way to enhance the user experience.

Google defines "good content" as that which enriches the internet user in some way (click for my post). That's a good virtue. We should give to others first before we receive anything in return.

3) Google considers financial inducement to prefer a site a “No – No.”

There should be no financial inducement on the part of the website to influence the natural behavior of the internet user. Google will have no part in bribery or even the appearance of it.

4) Google wants your posts to have depth.

Your content must have depth (posts should be 1000 words or more). You will probably have to perform some preliminary research on the topic you are writing about. An average post written by me requires 1 hour of research, 1 hour of writing, and 1 hour of editing.

5) Google wants your posts to be available to the widest audience possible.

Your content must be readable and understandable. The sentence structure, spelling, and meaning should conform to the usual standard of whichever language you are writing in.

Language rules help us to understand each other. If you resist language rules (or perhaps don't know them) you will need to get some guidance for your language structure (there are many downloadable programs to help you).

6) Google wants the appearance of your site to be engaging.

Content also needs to be interesting in a structural format. Most human beings will read groups of sentences that have 140 characters or less (this is why Twitter is so structured).

In fact, neuroscientists tell us that most people "skim" a blog post in a "letter F" fashion. Therefore, it matters where you place your pictures, tables, digital videos, and ads.

7) Google likes a website to be keyword sensitive.

Keywords were a new concept to me as I ventured into the internet world. I imagine them as "the nectar" that attracts an internet surfer bee.

Consider your website one of thousands of flowers in a vast field of similar flowers. Why would someone come to your "flower"(website)? It needs to have a unique aroma and be sweeter than the rest of the flowers in the field.

Keywords do this for your content. They attract web traffic, encourage visitors to stay a while, and create repeat users.

What you and I would call a keyword may not be what Google has discovered. A Google keyword is based on the search habits of people who use the internet. Therefore, a keyword has to be revealed to us by way of search data.

This is available for free from Google, as well as several excellent paid keyword search programs (click here to see my post on keywords).

8) Google does not like “keyword loading”.

Be careful to not "load" your content with keywords either. According to the "experts" keyword density in any given posting should be less than 5% (I generally embed my keywords in my title and in no more than 2 other locations in my post).

Careful keyword selections will attract more visitors and improve your likelihood of getting ranked by Google. Keyword discovery and placement is as much an art as a science. The best people at keywords are usually people who read and write constantly.

9) Google wants to telescope the user experience with the usage of links on your website.

The internet is a vast array of interconnected resources. In some ways it is like the human brain that has 100 billion brain cells with 1000 or more connections to each brain cell.

Also like the brain, networks enjoy connecting. So, as you post more and more, it is important to include internal as well as external links on your website.

An internal link is where you refer the reader to another resource within your site. An external link is a referral to a resource in another site not directly connected to yours.

To enhance your Google rankings don't forget to create valuable links in your content. Do not create links that are not valuable or relevant to your content (called link bombing).

10) Google wants your rankings to occur as the natural growth of your content occurs.

Since the ranking of your website is so important for the success of your business there have been those ambitious souls who saturated their content with the Google metrics for rankings. This is frowned upon by Google and may result in your website receiving a Google Penguin notification.

This shuts down your site.

Corrective measures are rarely successful in convincing Google to reactivate the site that was shut down. Usually the web builder had to restart afresh and establish an entirely new Google ranking.

Google ranking should occur as you grow your site with legitimate content and intention to add value to the internet user experience.


Build your website as if you are building it for someone you care about. The integrity with which you build will be reflected in your metrics.

The previous 10 metrics are some of the parameters that Google will be observing as you build your website and strive for that coveted distinction of being on the first search page of Google (click here for more articles).

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