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5 Great Online Marketing Ideas
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5 Great Online Marketing Ideas

To an affiliate marketing newbie, it could be confusing thinking of the ways to make money on the internet by growing an online business and really succeed in it.

Part of the concept of making money online that I had been concentrating on is that of Niche Marketing. Apart from this, there exist other marketing ideas that could help in generating multiple streams of income for interested individuals that believe in making money through the Internet.

1. Marketing through a Niche Website or by Blogging!

This is the part of affiliate marketing that I had been involved in. It simply is a process of having affiliate links on your website or blog that refers visitors to another site for the purpose of carrying out a transaction.

You the publisher is paid a commission for certain actions that are carried out on the website (the advertiser's) you referred visitors to via the attached links on your website. The actions been paid for could be for impressions, hits or outright sales of products on the advertiser's websites.

To make things easier, there are companies that provide a medium called an affiliate program for you the publisher and the advertiser of the products to do business together. Such companies provide essential services in their affiliate programs to facilitate the entire operations involved in the sales of goods and services.

2. Become an Author and Sell your Books Online!

Writing books has become a lot easier with a variety of writing tools available. We now have digital memo pads, writing softwares like myscript, iPads, and mobile gadgets etc., all for the assistance of an individual who want to author a book.

The era of having publishers and agents breathing down your spine, dotting your i's and crossing your t's is now in the past. You can self publish your work and have already established sites like Amazon handle the sells online. The market for eBooks keeps expanding with all the mobile devices that do exist in individual hands.

3. Be into Consulting and Freelancing!

Although consulting and Freelancing could be done separately, I do believe it is better to grow a business combining the two skills. In free lancing, you are required to carry out some professional services for individuals or organizations that prefer to outsource for such services. This saves time and money in the long run for the client and put some money in your pocket.

Consultancy is peculiar to specific professional undertaken. It sure needs you to be an authority on what you are consulting. This business is best suited for skill workers who want to make money online providing these necessary services. A lot of Affiliate Marketing Newbies do shy away from this idea.

After all the time and effort put into making first real money online, it becomes easy to consult on providing detailed practical guide on affiliate marketing

4. Become an Online Books Seller!

The concept behind this business is that of carrying out resells of used books that are usually laying fallow in our bookshelves and at times are in storage somewhere. Selling these books online has been made easier with the advent of selling sites like Amazon.

Other books could be gotten at cheap rates from neighbours within your community and from yard sales. With a gathering of books within your reach you then sign up to the affiliate program on Amazon. Yours is to sit back and wait for details of every purchased book and the mailing orders.

This is very simple and straight forward. It should be noted that in most cases, hard cover books cost more, and some could be really collectors' items.

5. Be involved in eBay Sells.

This is another concept of auction sells online. It is intended that visitors visit and examine products online and bargain for them. It is sold to the best offer. Some individuals have gone into the business of buying certain products and then reselling them still on eBay.

The process is strictly monitored by the site administrators and it is expected to be carried out the way they have laid down. Free guidance and training for newbies are also available to assist in showing you the right way of carrying out transactions on eBay.

It is said that most of the difficulty in running a business are at the initial 'teething' stage. As long as you take action and continue putting effort to it, you will definitely breakthrough and succeed at building a thriving business from one or more of these great online marketing ideas.

Street Talk

I can definitely agree with tip number one. Maybe that's because I'm just a sucker for writing (it's fun!) and actually enjoy it

  about 9 years ago

Thanks, I also popped over and was reading about road rage, it was very informative

  about 9 years ago

I liked this article; it took on a slightly different set of ideas, so it was appealing. Then clicked the link and enjoyed the total difference in your approach. It was as if it were written by someone else.

  about 9 years ago

Very good and consice information for All Newbies. I know I was so overwhelmed when I first began, that I thought I would Never be able to grasp all of this. I did and anybody can. Nice article!

  about 9 years ago

Thanks, your frank comment!

  about 9 years ago
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