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5 Internet Marketing Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs
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Ok so you're just getting started with your new Internet Marketing business. Great you're on the way and have every reason to be excited. You will have probably heard the ancient wisdom that the main thing is to get started. The next main thing is to keep going. Keep going means keep making action steps that move the business forward.

There are, however, some pitfalls to avoid. Avoiding these will keep you on the straight and narrow and save you a ton of time. You really can make extra money online without spending much to set up a real business which will grow over time. It's true that you should not believe everything you read.

1. Don't believe the hype.

Seemingly every internet marketing product will make you a millionaire in a week while lying on a beach with a laptop. While push button profits may come they may not come in the first week of a new business. More realistically after you've invested time and energy in setting up a good system then the cash can come tumbling in when you press 'start'. Too good to be true 'get rich quick' promises really are too good to be true. Stay grounded, keep taking action steps to set up a real business and the results will follow. A positive 'millionaire mindset' will help you keep reaching for the stars.

2.Lack of a plan.

You will need a clearly laid out plan or blueprint to follow. Espescially in the beginning you will need a set of short, medium and long term goals and a plan to meet them. This is important to help keep you taking the needed action steps. One of the main reasons people fall by the wayside is that somehow they get lost in the wealth of information and stop taking the all important action steps to build their business. Even baby steps will help move you forward. Clear specific steps are what you need. For example: a) Buy domain name. b) Set up hosting.

3.Getting discouraged just before you could have made your first sale.

Many people start out with good intentions and plenty of enthusiasm only to drop out of the game when the results are slower that expected. It's a big mistake to quit too soon and it's one I can speak about from personal experience. You must give things time. Age counts on the internet. give your site time to get credibility with the search engines and build traffic flow.

4.Don't get overloaded with information.

Don't fall for every 'new push button system'. Do some research and find a good solid training program from a trustworthy source. You can find good programs through forums and genuine review sites. IMreportcard has genuine reviews and customer feedback about IM training and membership sites. Spend time finding a program with plenty of A+ ratings. Even the good ones are not expensive.

5.Stick to one system at first.

When you find a good system stick to it. Don't get distracted by every new IM product launch. Starting more that one program is a recipe for confusion. Just follow one system to start and keep taking the action steps. that way you will learn a lot and you'll be building a business at the same time.

Top tip:- Unsubscribe to all the lists you're on that send you new product launches. Stay focussed on your chosen system. Cut out all distractions.

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