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5 Things To Help You Succeed With Mlm
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Multi level marketing or MLM, in theory these schemes sound amazing. You build a down line by getting 5 people to sign up under you by selling them a product, who then sell to another 5 people for 5 levels, so then you have 3,905 people under you earning you commission.

But it's not that simple. First of all you have to convince 5 people (your level 1) to pay for what ever product you are selling, then each of those 5 people have to convince another 5 people and so on. Now it's one thing if you are a good sales person or network marketer, but then everyone that signs up under you has to be equally as good and so on, because if there not the whole system caves in. People give up in the end because they are not making much money, or worse they're LOSING MONEY!

So is it possible to make money with MLM?

Here are 5 guidelines that could make easier to succeed.

(1). Make sure people don't give up; The problem with most MLM companies is that it costs money to sign up. But if it were free to join and there were no upgrade fees of any kind then people have got nothing to lose

(2). Make it easy to get sign ups; Most MLM companies need up 1000 visits to get 1 sign up, a free system could cut that number to as few as ten.

(3). Make sure everyone makes a profit; With paid MLM when people start to lose money they give up, but with a free system there is no risk so everyone can make money

(4). Make the system easy to use; A lot MLM systems don't provide the right tools, just some basic web space. You need a system where all the core messages and layouts are done for you so nobody has to worry about HTML or anything technical, they can just concentrate on making money!

(5).Big sales!; With some MLM systems you need to put a lot of effort into making small money. You need a system that uses powerful affiliate systems and products that generate big sales and multiple income streams

The good news is there is one system that follows these guidelines

So in summery to succeed in MLM use a system that is free, is easy to build your down line, lets everyone make a profit, is easy to use and makes big sales with multiple income streams.

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