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5 Top Secrets On Making Money Online
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5 Top Secrets on Making Money Online

Do you know the secrets to making money online?

Most people started their method by purchasing a product from one of the big internet gurus. Each of them teach you the secrets to earning money online but more often than not they fail that promise. Part of their marketing scheme is to make you believe that once you purchase the product you will almost instantly start feeling the money rolling into your pocket.

However, the money is only rolling into their Bank not Yours

It will a lifetime miracle if this kind product works instantly.

There is 5 top secrets known, 4 of them involve you.

Secret 1#: Identify the reason/reasons why you want to earn money online.

Think carefully why:

-Earning an additional income ?

-Going for Holiday ?

-Hate your boss or job?

-Home mortgage , Car loans and liabilities ?


Knowing what you want in life and need to solve will provide an important drive and motivation in your first step in money making online. This motivation will help you overcome the failures and obstacles you face upon your journey.

Secret 2#: Work involved.

We all should know that nothing is free. Money do not drop from the sky. Advertising does not do by itself, articles do not write by themselves, and business does not run by itself.

We need to put in days of hard work and effort to learn, understand and implement the methods.

Secret 3#: Plan and work on your Plan.

Remember the teaching:”Plan for your future”. Anything you do need a plan. Example:

- Plan for a Date ^.^

- Plan how to propose :)

- Plan what type of products you are going to market as well as how you are going to market them

Lots of people dive right in without thinking about a plan and most of the time get lost and confused.

Without a well-thought plan, failure will be inevitable.

Secret 4#: Goals Setting

Goal setting helps you to decide a destination, it can either be a long term or short term goal. Working on ways to make money online without setting goals is like walking aimlessly and getting lost easily on the purpose why you want.

Short Term Goal may be aiming to make $100 per month from the website you created.

Long Term Goal may be earning $5,000 for your first year. Second year to earn $10,000 and increase continuously.

Secret 5#: Join a Community.

Is it scary to venture into the online world ALONE??

Not knowing the dangers that lies ahead, obstacles you will face and losses you may encounter?

The best way to embark on your money making journey (especially if are new) is to join a Online Community. A Online community will help you learn, understand and implement methods efficiently and effectively. There will be continuous learning and improvement on your knowledge about the complex online business world of additional income. You will need:

- A place to learn

- A place to guide you when you are lost

- A place to correct your mistakes

- A place to provide tools to aid you on your journey

Final Note

The path to money making requires lots of effort and perseverance. Whether you succeed or fail is all up to you.

By following and understanding the 5 secrets you will create a strong foundation on your money making journey and work towards success ^.^

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Good article Samuel. I especially agree with you that hard work is involved in internet marketing. Gone are the days of simply putting up a cheap one page site with a few keywords and sitting back and watching the money come in. To make a success of online marketing requires hard work, determination and long term commitment.

  about 9 years ago

Yes, so true. Success requires lots of effort and hard work. Glad you like the article.

  about 9 years ago
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