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5 Ways Of Getting Started Online Without Your Own Website And Using Affiliate Programs
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5 Ways Of Getting Started Online Without Your Own Website And Using Affiliate Programs

It is entirely possible to earn some good affiliate commissions online without your own website, although its recommended you have your own web property to promote any affiliate program you've signed up with. Every sale you can generate is going to earn you some commission, so just directing visitors to the merchant's website can put money into your pocket.

For people who want to quickly get involved with making money online, affiliate marketing is very appealing. You have a ready made product to promote and the product handling and payment processing is done for you, so you don't have to worry about these things to get started.

Once you've made the decision to use affiliate programs to make money online, just get signed up with them and choose the type of product you want to market online and start earning an online income.

Signing up with affiliate programs and making money with them is easy, but, you're wondering just how you can market these affiliate programs without having a website of your own. Here are a few ways of doing just that:

1. Writing quality articles and get them out there with your resource box or author bio containing your affiliate links. People reading and sharing your content will be clicking on your links and going to the affiliate programs site you've directed them to. They buy and you earn commission.

2. Get a blog going. You can start blogging quicker and easier than getting a website up and running, just sign up for a free blog (blogger,weebly,wordpress, etc.), there is lots of them online and start filling your blog with content promoting the affiliate products your marketing with your affiliate link imbedded within the content. It cost nothing in the way of money to get started and is effective.

3. Publish good product reviews, either in article directories or other peoples blogs/websites. Many people are looking for good content for their blogs because they either can not write or have no time and will gladly publish your content is its quality. Just give an honest review and pitch your affiliate link at the end of the review.

4. Get active in online forums and relevant groups within you niche and use your affiliate link in your forum signature. As you give feedback within the groups discussions, your signature will lead back to your affiliate program. People click your like, you get paid if they buy. Just offer good feedback to people and you'll be rewarded with increased traffic.

5. Advertising with pay-per-click (ppc) to drive traffic to the merchants page with your affiliate link and once again you earn commission if they purchase.

Now you know a few ways of making money marketing affiliate programs, even though you don't have a website yet. If you're starting online with very little or no money, you now can see that you can get started and make money as you go. Building an affiliate home business can be done with few resources at the beginning and you can expand as you make money using free or low cost methods.

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