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6 Signs Of An Internet Scam
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If a scammer knocked on your front door, you would probably call it they way you saw it and not let them in; but these days, fraudsters are slipping in through a side door, your computer, and maybe even your telephone; here are six ways then to spot a scam artist.

Watch out for claims that you will “make a lot of money in a short amount of time” - Translated, this means you can get rich quick. Scammers portray the Internet as a “magical” place where you don’t need to put in any effort or have a solid business plan. The dream of working at home in your pyjamas is extremely attractive to those of us who are weary of rotten bosses, toxic workplaces and uncertain working conditions.

They tell you you won't have to learn anything - Scammers tell you they will take care of all the details. They don't say how. In fact, there may be hidden costs, and extra "must have " services that you will "need" later to be successful in your business. Don't worry. They will take care of it. But that turns out to be an empty promise.

They convey sense of urgency “Get it now, before this offer is gone”. If you don’t decide now, you will miss out on a valuable opportunity of a life time! (This is usually in red type). If they have managed to get your phone number, they will continue to apply high pressure tactics, and tell you that there’s no time to hesitate. I'm not knocking legitimate businesses who use some good sales tactics, and actually do have a GOOD offer. Watch out, however, for anyone who starts belittling you if you don't act now!

In an Internet scam (as with many others), you will find that someone quickly starts asking for credit information. “You can start today, if you just pay this amount on your credit card” and then get rebilled X amount each month. Again, here come the high pressure tactics. Do not give out anything over the phone!

You won't be given the chance to do "due diligence" so you can investigate further. “Hurry now or you will miss out”, cry the scammers. In a moment of neediness and despair, you may just want to take a leap of faith without really looking before you leap.

No clear refund policy - They won't tell you how you can cancel your membership (for example), discontinue with the product or service, or get your money back. There are no details about how long the cooling off period is when you first purchase, and worse, when you finally are on to them, they give you the run around. They may be "dealing with other customers" or "no one is there to answer", and they delay getting back to you long enough to extract the first payment or two out of you.

Certainly recognizing these telltale signs of fraudulent practices can help you to avoid getting scammed on the Internet. That doesn't mean there aren't some excellent opportunities out there. As with anything else, though, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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