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A Foolproof Method To Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Income
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Are you struggling to make a decent affiliate marketing income online? You're not alone, in fact tens of thousands of people are desperately seeking a way to improve their situation right now. So if you're sick of buying information product after information product trying to turn things around, there's a better way that will put money back into your pocket instead of increasing your credit card balance every month. You need a foolproof way of growing your affiliate marketing income, and I'm happy to be able to share that with you today.

How I Grew My Affiliate Marketing Income

I started in my pursuit of affiliate marketing income over ten years ago, and early on I basically had no idea what I was doing at all. I joined forums, bought ebooks, joined get rich quick schemes, all with little to no success. Well, not the success I envisioned anyway. Even though I was learning bit by bit, and gaining a better understanding of the whole process, I had little to show for it by means of earnings. And that really discouraged me after a while, which further perpetuated the cycle of me looking for the "quick fix" to cure all my troubles.

You've probably realized by now that there's no such thing as a "magic push button formula" to create an online income. I learned that the hard way by wasting much time, money and energy on useless systems that promised overnight success but left you with nothing but a gaping hole In your wallet.  I was so close to quitting, but somehow or the other I persevered and began to consolidate what I knew. Well, all I knew was that what I had been doing so far wasn't working at all, so I tried to look at things from a different point of view.

I started seeing the process of growing an affiliate marketing income differently from the traditional "traffic, conversions, sales" model, and started looking at my own process for buying. As a consumer, I am continually looking for something that will solve my problems and help me achieve my goals, and I tend to buy products based on trusted recommendations, not by stumbling on any old review site. As I thought about it and experimented with my ideas, the formula began to take shape.

My Affiliate Marketing Income Blueprint

I didn't see any "overnight success" due to my shift in thinking, but I began to see gradual changes. The more I treated my audience as a friend and the more value I shared with them, the more they began to respond to what I had to say. Respond in the sense that they would write replies to my emails, asking me questions and sharing their own problems. Based on our growing relationship, I began to search for products that would truly help them, instead of just the highest commission items. Eventually, I put together a few short reports which featured a number of high quality products, and the more my email subscriber list grew, and the more reports I gave away, the more my affiliate marketing income grew too!

So today, if you're struggling to make an affiliate marketing income, I encourage you to make the same shift that I did and start marketing with integrity and with long term relationships in mind. You won't regret it!

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