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A Top Internet Marketing Strategy Tactic
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The best internet marketing strategy tactic involves learning how the pay-per-click business operates.

In a normal web site environment, the pages are seo'd so that they will become attractive to little bits of code called search engine spiders. These little beasties go over every page of every site over and over and return the information to their individual search engine algorithms.

This information is clustered together and helps the engines decide how relevant a site page is. The better the content, the higher the site is ranked. On the down side, it may take many months for the search engines to decide your site is good enough to rank at all, let alone at the top of the heap.

One way to side step this delay is to pay for advertising. What it basically involves are those little ads that you see sprinkled all over many site pages. These are a whole new ball game and again, the search engines keep a close eye on those little ads. The higher on a page an ad appears, the better its chances of being clicked on leading the visitor away to a sales page or other web site.

You'd think that the higher on a page you are, the more it would cost you.

Not so. This is an interesting part of this internet marketing strategy tactic. The search engines monitor everything including the quality of the landing page (the page the little ad leads to), how long the visitor stayed there and so on. The better the ad quality, the lower is the price and the more often it will be shown.

This seems counter intuitive, but it makes a lot of sense. What Google and the others are doing is rewarding quality. A good ad, relating well to a search query and which leads to a nice, high quality, informative landing page leading to a good product that is frequently purchased means a better visitor experience. That's what the search engines are all about. They want the absolutely best visitor experience possible.

The ads section of the search engines have a whole section devoted to how you can monitor the quality of your ads and how many times they are clicked on versus the number of times it was shown. These sections have amazing analytics and other control software that allows you, the advertiser, to manipulate ad campaigns, allows you to test new things and so forth. The real beauty of this internet marketing strategy tactic is that you don't have to wait for months for your material to list. An ad can appear on the first page of a search engine query within minutes.

This internet marketing strategy tactic can be tricky. You have to watch very closely or you could be losing money and not know it. Pay-per-click advertising is a way of doing business that any new entrepreneur should look closely at.

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