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Affiliate Marketing - 4 Points Of Focus
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Affiliate marketing can be a dream come true “job” that can create a continuous stream of income, opening you to more time and opportunities to enjoy life and family. You don't need a degree to achieve a level of financial success thought to be reserved for the college graduate. Everyone can have a chance to earn money online, regardless of their background with as little an investment as an Internet connection.

Since starting in affiliate marketing, I have come to realize an absolute truth from the work that I have put in. An understanding of the different areas of marketing involved is essential when setting up landing pages (sales page), blogs and articles.

Your concentration in affiliate marketing won't be limited to these four suggestions. As you progress through affiliate marketing, you will learn new techniques and ideas to experiment with, so always be open to learning. These are simply the top four that have taken me the most time and effort to learn how to implement to increase my efficiency as much as possible.

Keyword research and understanding

Understanding and properly implementing the right keywords in an article, blog or landing page can mean the difference between having the traffic to your site or getting lost in the vast void of the web. Keywords are the “triggers” that facilitate the search engines directing highly targeted traffic to your sites. The right use and implementation of your keywords can get you on the first page of the search engines, so the work and research is well worth it.

Long tail keywords (keyword comprised of two or more words) have become more and more effective, given its specificness to the searches being performed.

Picture sites

Getting pictures to do what I wanted them to do was an extremely frustrating phase of learning. There were times I couldn't simply reformat a picture in order for it to fit with one of my article sites, so I would sacrifice and either change the picture to a less desired one or forgo the picture all together. Having an understanding of how pictures and video work can expand your sites to some of the most ascetically pleasing showcases. It can also be fun learning what is possible with photo manipulation not only for yourself, but for the whole family as well.


I have always been gravitated to the mathematical, logical approach to learning and HTML, so this gave me something to play with. The simple site links most are limited to in html fall short in comparison the great amount of possibilities that are present with the knowledgeable use of code writing. Everything from a different mouse cursor to banners, borders, to flaming lettering, the variety of customization is mind boggling.

Time management

It can be exhausting spending time to analyze how you spend your time to increase efficiency with the time you have. But I have learned from experience in my article writing, time management is key to keeping your article marketing campaign on track. You may have a lot of issues figuring out the best way to spend and invest your time, so having effective time management skills can mean the difference between getting an article written and submitted a week, or submit 5 articles a week, increasing traffic.

Like I had mentioned before, these are just four of the difficulties I encountered when first learning how affiliate marketing works. There will be many more aspects of the game that will need to be exposed before you can really begin to understand how to achieve in affiliate marketing. But you can't truly learn until you experience it yourself.

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