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Affiliate Marketing At Its Best - A Wealthy Affiliate Review
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Two years ago I had never heard of affiliate marketing, PPC, Clickbank, niches, or bum marketing. I had no clue on how to create a web page, write an article, or do SEO. Though I had used a computer for word processing, desktop publishing, a creating spreadsheets, I was totally green to affiliate marketing.

Thing to look for in an Affiliate Marketing Group

Training After actively being an affiliate marketer for over a year, I ask myself what would affiliate marketing at its best look like. I would want all the training I needed to be successful in the business. I would want training that would teach me the basics, the newest methods, and advanced methods. I would desire to know the cut edge information that would give me an edge over the competition. I would want live webinars that would “show” how to do things and keep me current on the newest strategies in affiliate marketing.

Tools Affiliate marketing at it best would also provide all the tools that I needed to succeed in one place. The tools for keyword research, discovering niches, writing articles effectively, creating easy web sites, providing web hosting, Clickbank research tool, and organizing my campaigns.

Relationships Affiliate marketing at its best would connect me to other affiliate marketers who have struggled with problems, have overcome, and are willing to share how to succeed. Out of these connections  relationships are developed with veteran affiliate marketers through a forum, private messaging, and live chat.

Money making Options Affiliate marketing at its best would provide training for the various methods of making money from affiliate marketing, including article marketing, PPC marketing, email marketing, flipping sites, and local marketing.

Affiliate marketing at its best can be summed up in two words – Wealthy Affiliate.

Weaknesses of Wealthy Affiliate While Wealthy Affiliate does provide all the things mentioned above, I do have a few concerns. There is a monthly fee, but consider this as tuition in the greatest Affiliate university on the web. The volume of training information is overwhelming and sometimes hard to find exactly what you are looking for. Some of the training is dated. Finally, sometimes an answer to a very important question does not get answered for a day or more, which stalls the training and marketing efforts.

Improvements of Wealthy Affiliate Wealthy Affiliate continues to improve month after month. Since I joined 18 months ago, WA has released its Wordpress Express web creator. It has started weekly webinars. Street Articles, article directory, was created. Live chat has enabled for instant communication between its members and Kyle and Carson, the owners. WA is not sitting back on its rear, resting on its success. It continues to improve and develop enhancements that make the affiliate marketer's life easier.

Affiliate marketing at its best is found in Wealthy Affiliate and its members. 


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