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Affiliate Marketing Is Dead Again!
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Affiliate Marketing Is Dead Again!

Argh! Not again. There is another rumour going around the Internet that affiliate marketing is dead.


How many times must it be pointed out that affiliate marketing is not dead or saturated.

I think people need to understand that offering value and user experience has become an important part of Internet interaction and this is a timeless attribute. The types of platforms and approach to affiliate marketing has forced most affiliate marketers to rethink their own mentality and practices and this is nothing new.

The Internet has changed and continues to change often because peoples attitudes and new mediums to adjust to those attitudes drive the Internet today. It is these attitudes and desires that keeps the shops you visit and services you use in business. It is important to listen and adapt to what current needs are. The same principle translates online. So knowing that people are always looking for something to fulfill those needs, it is then logical to assume that they will look for something to satisfy those needs, right? Do people ever get tired of wanting the best or the most suitable product or service? No. This trend in human behavior is to an extent quite natural.

Like I said, what has changed in my opinion is the methods and platforms we use to do affiliate marketing. The methods that people use to carry out their campaigns and rank and gather traffic two years ago will not do you much good today. Things like cramming keywords into an article, using what are known as link farms, spinning articles, cloned websites are picked and filtered out more easily these days with search engines developing better ways not only service the public and get the very same public from being frustrated and annoyed.

Also social platforms have come a long way. They have become more personal and have forced us to become more transparent and honest. Not only are people more vocal about some scam or Internet crook but people have become more "netwise". Someone bombarding you promises of over night success or riches with some next best thing product is today frowned upon with annoyance rather than gullible optimism. Anything that is new and threatens an old system will be meet with doubt, anger, frustration by a great number of people especially if the old system was working just fine for them, never mind anybody else or how it is actually affecting the whole.

It’s easy to stay afloat and be profitable with affiliate marketing, but what we need to do is play by the rules of the search engines. Understand, the search engines are not your enemy. They exist because of us! They serve us, but you need to be open to change and new ideas.

New ways of marketing and gaining a visitors trust is the new motto and so it should be in my opinion. Give people useful and update information about what they are searching for, make the content relevant, develop a relationship with your readers and visitors, stay in touch and be honest with them, align yourself with trustworthy people and like what you do. More webmasters are beginning to realise this and I am happy about that.

Is there something else you think I should know or would like to add about scaremonger affiliates?

Do you agree that affiliate marketing is dead too?

I have written about this very subject on my website I have recently started, aimed at affiliate marketing for beginners.

I aim to answer and provide information that is dummy friendly for those starting out.

Street Talk

A very well written and interesting article. Your talk about trust appeals to me, however I think I still have a bad habit of keyword stuffing which I'm finding hard to break.

  about 1 decade ago

Hi Spook. Thank you. I think it can still be improved, I'm still mastering my written skills. If you think about it, trust is an attribute that everyone seeks in various instances in our lives. Think about your relationships at work;with your family; with your girlfriend/other half etc, the trust we put into those are second nature right? We expect it because it's the natural, courteous thing to do. We give respect because we expect it back...just because! Now all you have to do is transfer that courteousness into what you do online. The visitors/members/purchasers deserve the same. Just because you cannot see them does not mean you should care any less. That's the way I see it. Hey you know, what I still have a habit of keyword stuffing too but what I do is delete them afterwards. It's my way of weaning off. Try taking a break after you have written your article, come back to it and I bet all those stuffed keywords will stand out a mile :)

  about 1 decade ago

That's grand advice but I'm in a hurry to finish something and only have tomorrow left which is one of my work days (long story) so tonight I'm just taking some time off. Battle with this stuff and have been at it most of the day.

  about 1 decade ago

The search engines are not the enemy. i agree. Search engines are finally cleaning house. Long time coming. Now as internet marketers we must write content that is beneficial to the consumer. They should of done this long ago. Keep up the good work, Daniel

  about 1 decade ago

Hi Ken. Thanks for your input. The way in which people seek and anaylse information has changed for sure and search engines adapting to that is only right, not just for them but for us as surfers ourselves. We want to read different opinions and anaylse information from a more personal perspective, rather than from a "corporate", spiel, "let me sell you something" stand point. The way in which we communicate what may be beneficial to them has to be more genuine.

  about 1 decade ago
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