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Affiliate Marketing With CPA - Profitable?
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Affiliate Marketing With CPA - Profitable?

Okay, so in my last post I was telling you about a quick and easy way to make money with clickbank via social marketing. I know you enjoyed that article and technique, and I am positive that you have seen some profits with it. Amazing what the right free information can do for you huh? :) Thats why Im here.

But today I want to veer away from the traditional affiliate marketing plan (clickbank, commission junction etc) and talk about another type of program called CPA.

CPA stands for cost-per-action, or cost-per-lead. As a member of a CPA program, you will be promoting these "offers" in many different ways (similar to any other promotional techniques for internet marketing), but you wont necessarily have to SELL ANYTHING! This is the great part :D

Instead of having to make a sell to get paid, you could be getting paid for simply getting someone as a "lead" for the company. By lead I mean just get them to enter some basic information, often times all they have to do is submit an email address or zipcode. Isnt this amazing?! I mean think of the options I just opened up for you. After all it is a heck of a lot easier to convince someone to submit their email or zipcode than it is to get them to buy something, dont you agree?

Okay so now you know why CPA advertising online is becoming alot more popular. Now dont get me wrong, these things dont pay like selling products. I mean you could easily get $40 from selling a product with clickbank, or more. And with CPA you will only be making $1-2 per lead. But the idea is you can generate 100 times the leads alot easier than you could get one sell. So it can be very profitable. Especially if you are looking for the "quick money".

Here is a downside that many people run into, and I will inform you of the alternative that you may or may not have heard of that will counter this downside :D. (Remember, I always tell you an answer to your internet marketing problems) The downside is that you cant use PPC for email submits unless you are an ADWORDS PRO! You will find yourself paying at least 50 cents per click if not more and only with at most a 20% conversion rate.

Let me break that down for you. If you spend 50 cents for every click with 20% conversion rate you will be spending $2.50 for each lead and only making 1-2 bucks from the lead. That would mean you just wasted a dollar or more AT LEAST just to get the submit. Like I said, unless you are VERY VERY good at keyword research.

Now that being said here is how you do it. First, allow me to remind you of the social media promotions I went over in my last post. You can always use twitter, fbook, myspace, youtube, linkdin, digg and all those types of sites for free. So you get your offers in front of people for free.I wrote an article Make Money With Clickbank with details on how to do social marketing. It will walk you through a very effective technique of using twitter.

Now tho lets offer an alternative to PPC (pay-per-click). I assume this if you are still reading this, then you have at least 20 bucks that you are willing to spend on this method to maximize profits with minimal effort vs. social marketing. I am now going to introduce you to my little friend....PPV.

PPV stands for pay-per-view. Unlike PPC you are paying companies for everytime they actually VIEW your page and you get these views for between 1-5 cents easily. If thats not the best part, then try this on for size. IT IS ALSO TARGETED VIEWS. :D

So if you used a PPV campaign and paid 3 cents per click with 20% conversions, you would spend 15 cents for every 1-2 bucks made. Now that is pure amazing. Especially if you are promoting 50-100 products per day as I normally do. Scale it up and scale up the income ;)

So how is this achieved? How is it possible you may ask? Easy, PPV companies have toolbars and such for download all over the internet. When people download these programs or toolbars, it installs what is called adware onto their computer. Everytime they type in a word on a search engine, the adwware detects it, and pops up one of the advetisers ads up according to the keyword relevancy and bid that you have placed. Less people use this, and it is less known about, and it has a lower conversion rate is why it is so cheap. But I promise you I have always come out with a high ROI using PPV.

Now you want to know some good CPA companies to sign up with, as well as how to get started with PPV. Below are some of my favorite networks:









So sign up with a cpa network as a PUBLISHER, go join a PPV network, and PROFIT. Enjoy till next time. :D

Please feel free to comment and leave any feed back. My objective here at StreetArticles is to help as many people as I can achieve success with affiliate marketing.

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