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An Internet Marketing Strategy Ebook – What Should It Cover? Questions And Answers
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Any internet marketing strategy ebook would have to cover so much that it is virtually impossible to imagine one that would cover all the subjects properly. The best we can hope for are ebooks that are like a good biography. The high points are explained clearly and fully with a touch of background sprinkled in to flavor the text.

My students and visitors to my web site have had many questions regarding internet strategy. This article is here to share a few of the most common ones and my brief answers.

Question. Do you recommend any particular internet marketing strategy ebook?

A. It is hard to recommend just one book. The subject is so vast. I suggest many smaller books each focused on one technique. One that comes to mind is "The Long Tail" by Chris Anderson. It describes in great detail the value of long tailed keywords and how we can use them to our advantage. It is an excellent read and I believe it is available in ebook format from Amazon. While you're there, pay close attention to the other recommendations they make.

Question. When it comes to internet marketing strategy, e commerce subjects seem to scatter in all directions after a while. Why is that?

A. It is enevitable.

  • The internet is the greatest market that has ever existed. It is huge and the magic of these times is that anyone can build whatever type of business they want for free. All they need is an internet connection. It is very hard to take a concept from its inception to completion. There are so many decisions to be made along the way which lead to other possibilities and so on.
  • Lets say you set out to sell a special soap bar. Before the internet, you could price it, set an advertising budget and run with your plan. With e commerce, you still sell the same bar of soap, but now you might be an affiliate of the soap company. You no longer have all the problems of doing it all yourself. Do you go with pay-per-click advertising, organic traffic to your site, joint ventures and so forth.
  • Yes, it scatters. Enjoy the possibilities instead of focusing on the apparent chaos.

Question. Everyone who wants to be successful needs an internet marketing strategy. Entrepreneurs on the internet are mostly new to business. Most are just average Joes who want to build some security for themselves. Do you have any critical advice for those starting off?

A. Yes. Keep it simple. I advise them to not decide on an internet marketing strategy until they understand how business on the internet works. There are many free ways for them to grow their businesses. There are other ways that cost money, but they can be slippery to keep a handle on. Go slow, take it easy and do not listen to the get rich quick crowd. You'll be sorry :-(

Question. What are some internet marketing strategy essentials?

A. Here a few.

  • Make sure that whatever you are selling has a value greater than what your customers are paying for. This way you will never run short of customers. Nothing spreads faster than the discovery of a great product, sold by a knowledgeable, caring person at a price that seems low.
  • Decide early about what your advertising budget will be and stick to it.
  • Investigate every possible source of free exposure: organic traffic, article submissions and so forth.

Conclusion: An internet marketing strategy ebook should serve more as a guide than as a complete body of knowledge. Keep an open mind and examine every source of internet income that comes to your attention.

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