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Be Careful, Because Not All Online Marketing Schools Are Created Equal
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Be Careful, Because Not All Online Marketing Schools Are Created Equal

I’m going to share with you my success story in online marketing... But first, did you know that the countries that have embraced the Internet boast of a higher standard of living, then those who have not. Many people are looking for online marketing schools to meet the demand that Internet users have for information, and products.

The difference between the offline world of business, and the online one is convenience. It is easier to go shopping online. It is easier to go directly to the product you are after, and buy it in minutes, rather than hours. It is easier to get immediate answers to your questions, then going to the public library.

The right online marketing schools will put you in the drivers seat of this huge new industry, and not in the back seat. Indeed, there is a huge piece of the Internet pie waiting for you, but only if you get real proven information to base your marketing strategies on. I learned this lesson the hard way...

There were two fundamental things that you should learn at online marketing schools that I had to learn in order to succeed at this. This info seems simple, but sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to come up with.

Like I say, I started the whole online marketing thing all wrong. I believed the gurus, I believed it when they promised overnight riches put on auto pilot, etc. I bought their scams, their out-dated e-books, and useless systems and tools. I lost a lot of money and time until I found the right online marketing schools.

The one I go to today made me immediately aware of what I was doing wrong: I was not thinking of the customer, I was blindly focused on all the money I was going to make over night, but not the people that create that fortune for me. Its all about understanding your audience.

So its very simple.

These are the only two things that you need to completely understand:

A Product and a Customer! I learned all about this in the online marketing courses I attend.

Its all about understanding your customers and what exactly they want. After that you just align the two with a product, and before you know it you’ll have an income stream from the Internet.

What makes doing this so easy and powerful is the fact that people actively search and find the products or info they want online. So what they find means a lot to them because it gives them a sense of accomplishment, combined with a moment of enlightenment and pleasure. After that they are way more likely to buy, as opposed to the passive TV viewer, who does not even have the possibility to buy what they see on TV, unless they run out to the store.

After I realized these two simple things I was making money for the first time online, within the first few weeks after attending online marketing courses. At last I was enjoying success. Just be careful, because not all online marketing schools are created equal.

Street Talk

I am more and more greatful for WA with each new article I find that discusses internet marketing and the possible bumps in the road.

  about 1 decade ago

Good article. There are a lot of trash out there but I think that WA is the one.

  about 1 decade ago
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