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Best Keyword Research Tips
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It's an unfortunate fact of life that keyword research is integral to affiliate marketing, in fact to any sort of internet marketing. Following these best keyword research tips will make the job less tedious:

Tip No. 1: Don't use single word or dual word keyphrases like "marketing" or "internet marketing". There's just too much competition out there and you'll never be ranked in the search engines. Did you know that there are one hundred and thirteen million competing pages for the term "internet marketing" and "internet marketing for newbies" is even worse at one hundred and thirty six million? So, you need to be creative here and think up what's known as a "long tail keyword" which conveys the internet marketing theme but which isn't being targeted by the world and his mother. The basic premise is high number of searches, low number of competing pages.

Tip No. 2: One of the best keyword research tips is to think about what you would type into the search engine if you were searching for the website or product that you're promoting. I've just tried this "how do I get into internet marketing" (in quotes) and only eight pages were returned. Phrases with questions in them are good, in particular "how" or "where" or "what".

Tip No. 3: How about adding something descriptive after your keywords such as "internet marketing in Dubai" or "internet marketing for dental supplies".

Tip No. 4: Another of the best keyword research tips is to check out the categories on shopping sites. Particularly for items of clothing, these are often divided by gender or age group so you could add those type of phrases to your main search term such as "for kids" or "for grandmothers".

Tip No. 5: Use keywords which will attract people who are definitely going to buy a product. They're still in the research phase but they know that they want a digital camera so try "buy digital cameras". Better still, attract people who actually know which digital camera they want to buy so use a specific camera brand and model number for really focused buyers.

The best keyword research is done when you're in the mood to be creative. Choose your favourite tool and just brainstorm with yourself and let the ideas flow. The best keyword research tools will take your original idea and come up with hundreds more suggestions for you to analyse. Don't spend all your time researching though; save some time for putting great content on your website and submitting to the article directories.

For more of the best keyword research tips, tools and ideas, check out this completely free internet marketing course.

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