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Blogging Towards Success, 2013 Enlightened Living
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Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Barbara here. The goal of this article is to show you that people ARE generating income online by incorporating advertisers, subscribers, merchandising, and Google revenue. This reality is well known in quieter business circles. I will suggest major retailers. They live by cash, and Google revenue is a massive revenue earner recouped by these retailers. To find out more about Google revenue, a New York Time's Best-Seller is, "The Adsense Code - A Strategy", by Joel Comm. "It's what Google didn't tell you about making money with Adsense", (2006, Comm, Joel.).

Blogging Towards Success

As people move into basic blogging towards success, one of the most common problems they face is the inability to generate successful content due to : 1) a lack of specific knowledge involving their niches..., and 2) lack of an adequate blogging plans.

2013 Enlightened Living By Way of Planning

As part of more enlightened living, we shed light on what might be most evident at times is sometimes not:

  • Identify your most profitable niche
  • What's going to excite your readers ?

What type of blog will you create? I cite Entrepreneur Press, "Start-Up, Start Your Own Blogging Business", J.S. McDougall -- by the types of blogs which can be created --

  1. "industrial
  2. organizational
  3. entrepreneurial
  4. private
  5. political
  6. economic
  7. religious or spiritual
  8. general
  9. continuous stream publishing."

There are endless types of blogs you can find/emulate online. The main point is for you to follow your favorites,...see what they do, note how well they work, and later leverage broader ideas (without infringing on someone else's work). Much blogging confusion appears as a net result of forgotten planning. Each type of blog refers to its own industry and subject matter.

Start-Up Enterprise

At this level of enterprise, I share blogging with others mainly as a way of showing them what can happen when it is done well and accordingly, at start-up involves consideration of either non-profit or profitable business followup, expanding those efforts over time to include real-life strategies, thereby maximizing those profits through optimized layouts generated through multiple revenue streams: donations, PayPal, collaborative (affiliate) marketing networks, blogging memberships, network marketing companies (if applicable), and more. Whatever your heart desires, you can succeed, but an educated approach will fill gaps directly.

Entrepreneurial Press

One of the most pressing problems new and seasoned entrepreneurs face is how they will effectively compete online. Clearest ways of meeting that need is to suggest to others that they always present quality -- whether that quality will be delivered by providing reliable content ... or whether it is done so by offering quality results, products, and services, quality offers are the best way to separate yourself from others. With blogging, whether it is through continuous use of Google's Blogger or Word Press (self-hosted version), the primary goal supporting profitable blogging is to choose a blogging platform which grows over time. Because Word Press at self-hosted levels is better suited to organizing and managing content, it is one of the most popular management systems one may capably leverage.

Pay It Forward

Still common to offline reality is that many individuals and businesses have yet to harness power of the Internet. Therefore, bloggers have plenty of room to grow. Those who know what is already possible, blogging is a great spring-board leading them into other successes. Blogging is also a place where entrepreneurs may be exposed to safe marketing. I suggest publishing through articles as you read here, and many may establish business on a budget. What many do not know is that by working with written mastery of any word, ad copy is one of the cheapest ways to develop a paid following. This is true for those still deciding what they want to offer. Across industries, copywriting is a great way to dip your feet in Internet marketing waters! Just be your best at whatever you do.

Supporting Your Blogging Success!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Street Talk

Good article. I'm just starting off with my blogging and am focusing on Baby Boomers. I think you're right on about identifying your niche and exciting your readers. Good words!

  about 9 years ago
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