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Blogs And Your Online Business
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If you’ve been online for any length of time, you no doubt have seen many blogs. Blogs are a relatively new approach to Internet marketing and are wildly popular. In fact, if you have a website, you should also have a blog. Further, many use their blogs as their actual website. It’s your choice, but because it’s so important to be able to connect to your audience, a blog is the perfect avenue to do so.

Blogs and your online business go hand-in-hand because first, you want to have your information available to your audience, and secondly and most importantly, you want the ability for your audience to easily connect with you. This is one way to gain respect and ultimately, more traffic to your site, err, blog.

One of the unique features of a blog is that you can “post” any content that’s related to your blog’s topic and receive and reply to comments from your audience. What a great way to connect and stay connected to your audience! This technique allows you to gain the trust of your audience and convince them that you’re not there to sell them something, but rather, to inform them (aka “soft sell” to gain trust). If you offer a product they need or want, they will most likely buy from you first because you have built a relationship with them – one that they trust. In the online business, if people don’t trust you, success will elude you.

Another feature of blogging is that you can begin to build your email list by offering a signup form right on your blog. So, when people begin to trust you, so to will they trust you enough to permit you to send them your newsletter. Just a reminder, please don’t send anyone on your list an email until you have secured their express permission to do so. Doing so without their permission will only create problems for you and could possibly get you black-listed as a spammer. I’ve covered this in a previous article.

Getting traffic to your blog, just like your website, takes patience and knowledge about the many tactics and techniques available today. The techniques are fairly easy to follow and master. Paid advertising can be done in ways such as with PPC (pay-per-click), and free advertising is available in the form of article marketing or blogging.

You may already know that I belong to a fantastic community of online marketers. Learning Internet marketing and all that it has to offer is fun and rewarding. I’ve learned most of what I know from this community. If you’re serious about online marketing, you owe it to yourself to take a good look. Learning about blogs and your online business is a great place to start!

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