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Breaking Down The Walls Of Tradition: Show Your Peers The Internet Marketing Truth
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Breaking Down the Walls Of Tradition: Show Your Peers the Internet Marketing Truth

You have an Internet connection and chances are an email account. The same chances are that you've had to delete hundreds, if not thousands of get-rich-quick scheme emails whether they're spam oriented or not. The sad truth is there are far more corrupt companies that won't leave you alone if you show just an inkling of interest. So, when we combine all the experiences, the general fact is Internet Marketing is just another scheme to take your money. I say this as I'm 36, and the Internet took off in the late 90's, so that is close to 15 years of Internet exposure. But half of my life was pre-Internet, which is a huge point to recognize as we go about Internet Marketing, utilizing the social networks as one of the avenues can go only two or three ways, good, bad, or ugly.

Social Marketing

Facebook is huge and is far more than just a place where friends and family reconnect. Facebook is a part of almost every business that has an Internet presence. Your friends and family are a part of your Social Network. You are considering, or are actively operating an Internet Marketing campaign with a website and connecting to all available modes of interaction like Twitter, and Google's +1. Hopefully, you have chosen an honest method of E-Commerce whether you're a vendor or promoter, tradition is hindering or has hindered you with the friends and family over certain ages.

How to Break Down the Walls

America is in a state change, trying to recover from the economic crash a few years ago and the last thing your friends and family want to see is being manipulated by another "E-Commerce scheme". Well, I have been burned in the past, and certainly am tired of deleting those unwanted emails, so I put myself in their shoes. How do they interpret multiple "Likes" for your "business scheme" as they may view it? I suggest sending personal messages to those who are apprehensive to read your correspondence.

Personalize your intentions to reassure your closest family and friends that you are doing an honest business venture that is adamant about helping people. They will appreciate the effort you've put forth and can make their decisions from a better pieces of mind, not scoffing at "just another scheme message".

We have a golden opportunity to use the SEO and keyword techniques developed by the WA personnel and can be confident that making positive changes in people's lives is no scheme, rather, it's the best way to reach a vast audience, just the same as a physical location. We're operating on the Global Market instead of the corner of Main St. downtown. Reassuring your friends and family is paramount and doing this will give you the confidence and experience to succeed as you gain exposure in the Global Marketplace.

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