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Change IP Online And Improve Your Online Business
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Change IP Online And Improve Your Online Business

Running a business online can be tough. Running a business online from China is even tougher. I'm American, but have lived in China for a while and recently started an online business. I promote a variety of products from behind The Great Firewall - some targeted to people in China, and some otherwise - it really doesn't matter when you're on the internet. Words mean the same and digital products work the same no matter where you are in the world. However, because of internet censorship in China, there are quite a few online business tools that are unavailable. This is why I need to change IP to get access to and make use of them.

Perhaps the biggest chunk missing from my business in China (had I not changed my IP) is Google Analytics. This free tool provided by Google (as well as other analyzing tools put out by Google) has been crucial to analyzing data from my websites and making changes so I can make more money! Not only is the analytics tool "out-of-order" in China, but Adwords, Google Keyword Tool, and Google Webmaster tools are all blocked or impossibly slow. With an American IP address however, everything works 100% better.

One of the most important parts to running an online business, regardless of what kind of business it is, is to get exposure. You need to drive targeted traffic to your site or blog before you can start making sales. Many of the modern 'traffic getting' tools are down in China. Facebook, YouTube, Blogspot, and other blog, social networking, and video sites are blocked. This makes connecting with other users very difficult. Slow internet connection speeds and limited bandwidth to certain IP addresses means that you may be trying for half an hour to make one forum post. Facebook likes? Think again. Google +? Yeah right. Linked In, Twitter, and more are blocked, which also means that social book marking is going to be seriously limited.

So you can see that there are a number of hurdles to get over with a Chinese IP. This is not limited to China however, and the same would be true in much of Southeast Asia and The Middle East, where these sites are blocked as well.

I use a virtual private network to give my Chinese IP the boot and surf the net with an IP from The USA. IT's not required that you use a US IP to surf, and any times, an IP from The UK or Canada would work just as well. The benefit of using a US IP is that you also get access to Pandora, Netflix, and Hulu, but that's beside the point. A VPN combines two main types of technology to help you change IP online. One, is uses SSL encryption, which is the same type of encryption you use when you shop online; the most secure connection on the internet. It also does something called "tunneling" where a digital tunnel is created to transport your data to and from the VPN server. These to things keep your real IP address hidden, and also protect you from head-on hacks.

With a US IP address, I'm able to access ALL of the internet, and use it to its full potential to improve my online business. I can get more traffic to my sites, research better topics (for writing great content), and get more social in forums and social networking sites.

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