Converting Website Visitors Into Paid Customers
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Converting Website Visitors Into Paid Customers

There are many different approaches and strategies for marketing online. Each one involves a different set of techniques. But the end goal of each one of these is exactly the same: Converting website visitors into paid customers. Many businesses will make it a part of their marketing strategy to employ multiple methods. Whereas, other businesses will choose to only focus on one specific marketing method. In either case, there are pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages to each method (which is why employing multiple marketing strategies for your business might make sense, since this allows you to complement each one.) Let’s take a look at some of the different ways your business could get started with marketing online.

Search Engine Optimization

What are the most abundant sources of Internet traffic in the world today? The search engines. So you want to ensure that your website is listed in the search engines. But it is not enough to merely be listed in the search engines. You want your website to show up as high as possible in the search engine results. In fact, the holy grail of all web traffic is to land yourself in the number one spot in the search engine results for any particular key word.

Pay Per Click Advertising

You’ve no doubt seen those advertisements in the margins of the search engine results pages, or those banner advertisements being served up by search engines such as Google. You can write a free advertisement and have it hosted on Google’s network. Hosting the advertisement is free. You only pay a small fee for each time someone clicks on your advertisement to view your website. How much you pay is dependent upon how well you bid for a high ranking / high visibility spot in the advertising spaces.


Have you ever wondered how all of those free blogs out there make money? The answer is simple: They display advertising banners from the search engine networks such as Google. And whenever someone clicks on those advertisements, you earn a modest amount of money. The more people who visit your website, the more clicks your advertisements may receive, and the more revenue you will generate. You are essentially on the receiving end of the pay per click advertising that other advertisers are doing.

Email Marketing

Marketing via e-mail should not be confused with SPAM. Spam is the name that refers to unsolicited junk e-mails. E-mail marketing involves permission-based marketing via e-mail. Subscribers must physically subscribe and voluntarily give their consent to receive e-mails from a particular advertiser. This is one of the most common and one of the single most effective ways to engage in marketing online. Each of these individual marketing methods can be effective in their own right. But when you engage in a concerted effort to employ each one of these tactics, you can truly dominate in your particular niche marketon the Internet.

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