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Converting Your Precious Web Traffic In Toronto
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Converting Your Precious Web Traffic In Toronto

After starting your site, you have many different marketing options online. The big craze in Toronto these days is SEO and many businesses these days are becoming more and more aware that SEO is an important part of their marketing efforts.

But after finding a great web development and marketing company and getting that traffic to your site through an SEO or PPC campaign, it's time for you to help convert.

SEO does not equal Conversions

Many people and businesses commonly mistake SEO and conversion. They put them together and think if you pay for SEO then people must convert.

Here are some ways to help your precious web traffic convert and become a paying customer:

Lessen the ways they can contact you

Don't have a million ways for a prospect to get in touch. You may think having a toll free phone number, local number, email and contact form on the same page is the way to go, but often this confuses your visitor and they end up doing nothing at all.

To prevent choice-paralysis, make sure you have only one or two solid ways they can contact you. If it's through phone, make sure you have your number clearly displayed and easily seen on every single page.

If it's through a contact page, then make sure you direct them there and have the least amount of form fill boxes available.

Is it the right season?

Does your business have good and bad months? Consider this before you dig too deep on your analytics. Every vertical is different so be aware of this. For some, Christmas time equals big money. For others it is completely dead.

Speed up your site

A slow loading site can deter a ton of people. Talk to your developer to make sure your site is running as quick as possible. Use caching plug-ins or consider an upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server if your site gets a ton of volume.

Do you actually have a competitive offer?

Maybe it's not your SEO or PPC campaign. Maybe a competitor has opened up shop in the last month and is selling the same service for 50% cheaper. You always have to be on the ball with this one to make sure you aren't getting swept under the rug by a competitor. Bottom line - Always be improving your offer.

Remember to think of the above next time you feel conversions aren't at it's greatest. Remember it's not about luck, it's about making sure you stay on top of things to make sure prospects want to buy into your offer.

Are you trying to reach a local Toronto or global audience?

Whether you are attracting traffic in a place like Toronto or globally, make sure you account for this. There are certain things to do if you happen to be targeting local search. If you are looking for web design in Toronto, then making sure your offer for web design can be found locally within Toronto is paramount.

You can do the above by getting local citations, getting your Google Places listing verified and asking for reviews.

If you are going global, then making sure you target profitable target areas as opposed to spreading your campaign too thin is crucial. Shoot for a few locations as opposed to more and try to get your feet grounded before moving onto more markets.

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