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Developing The Online Business Mentality
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The internet marketing can be a very lucrative venture and there are many people here who are actually making a hell of money doing it. But despite this fact, it is also true that more than 95% of those who venture into the business end up failing. For this reason, it is of key importance that before we go into the nitty gritty of online business proper, we must first take a look at the reasons why most online businesses fail and what you can do to prevent yourself from also failing too.

WHY DO MOST ONLINE BUSINESSES FAIL? Most people don’t make money from online business in Nigeria due to three main reasons:

1. Ignorance, lack of knowledge and wrong information 2. Unseriousness and laziness 3. Lack of patience and perseverance

Let's look at each one of these reasons in greater detail.

1. Ignorance, lack of knowledge and wrong information:

Making money online is not an easy task. To succeed you need to have specific knowledge coupled with insider details and information from those who have done it and actually made money not just once but repeatedly. You need to understand how the internet works; how online advertising and marketing in general works. You need to be aware of the hidden methods and secrets of growing an audience or a list of prospects. You also need to understand how search engines work and how they can affect your revenues.

Unfortunately, most people who venture into this business do not have the complete knowledge about how these things work and what they should or should not do. Many of these people come across partial information from sources like websites and badly written ebooks etc, but because the information is not complete or partially correct, they end up failing in their venture.

Many of such websites and ebooks are created by people who tried the business but failed so they want to make money by hoodwinking unsuspecting people into thinking that they are gurus. Meanwhile all they offer is the same incomplete, irrelevant and sometimes outrightly wrong information that they themselves could not make money with. For you to succeed, you need to learn from people who have actually done this thing and succeeded. Learn from their experience and valuable insights.

2. Unseriousness and Laziness

This mainly has to do with people who learnt about this business for free or who were deceived into thinking that they can make millions overnight by doing little or nothing. When things are not moving as fast as they imagined, they easily give up. They got the info for free, got a website for free, tried it for a couple of weeks, saw no results, got discouraged and gradually lost their commitment because they had nothing to lose by giving up. But as I always like to say: if setting it up had cost them money, these people would have taken the business much more seriously and shown far more commitment.

In fact this is the exact reason why we chose to sell our two popular ebooks on website design and online business and not give them out for free like the other ones, even though we're trying to help the youths to empower themselves. Charging for the ebooks is to ensure that anybody who buys them must take the business very seriously and show the needed level of commitment.

Seriousness, commitment and dedication are the major ingredients that got us to where we are today so it is a must that anyone who is attempting this online business must view it with the utmost seriousness for him to succeed. If someone knows that he has put in money to obtain this information then he will always consider the cost of failure and be motivated to put in his/her very best. Only when you are damn serious about it can you succeed in this business of ours.

3. Lack of Perseverance and Patience

People are not willing to wait for money to start flowing in like a waterfall. They start today and expect to see big profits overnight. The problem is that many of the fake "gurus" give people the impression that they can make money overnight without having to do much at all. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Only in extremely rare cases can this be true but most of the time, it's false.

In online business, results can be very volatile and unpredictable especially when you do not already have a proven strategy that works. In our case, it took us about 5 years of failures, anxiety, setbacks, trial and error before we were able to evolve our present methods. Luckily for you, you will not have to go through the same stress because all you need to do now is to learn from our experience and follow our lead. But this does not mean that you won't fail at least once. The trick is not to give up even if you fail.

Although there is a certain kind of business that can actually get you profits within a few weeks, the majority of online businesses typically take between 9 and 12 months before you can expect to start seeing any tangible yields and results. Until then, it’s virtually all sweat with little returns. The only way you can speed the process up is to spend money on advertising. But if you want to follow the free, no-expense, no-capital method, then you need to prepare yourself to wait for 9 to 12 months or more.

Some people are not ready to wait for a year. They forget that if they don’t take action and start something today, they may still be looking for a job one year from now. One year is a short time and the sooner you start the better.

Even if you are a worker, student or otherwise currently engaged in some occupation or activity that takes up your time, you can still do it part time. Online business has the long term potential to give you revenues many times higher than what you will ever receive as a salary earner. Therefore the earlier you start out on the journey, the better.


For you to succeed in online business, you need to cast away all doubts and believe that you can and will succeed. You should not expect too much too soon and don’t set your expectations too high so that you will not get disappointed or discouraged when they are not met on time.

In my whitepaper titled ?The Psychology of Online Success?, I posited that success in any online business is hinged on three key pillars which I call 3M: Mindset, Method and Motivator.

Mindset ------- You must believe that you will succeed and expect to succeed. You must set goals for yourself and strive to reach them. Do not expect too much too soon. Always seek to learn more and improve on your skills.

One of the very first people that bought our ebook actually took the pains to go to a computer school to improve on her computer skills before embarking on her online business. I spoke with her recently and she informed me that she has bought a land and is now planning to get a car. All from doing online business using the techniques in our ebook.

This could also be your story. Imagine having the money to do anything you want to do. You can take care of your family, your children, your parents, build your own house, settle down and get married (if you are still single). Therefore you must continually tell yourself that you will succeed in your online business and that you are prepared to do whatever it takes no matter how long it takes you. Develop this mentality and pretty soon, you will become rich beyond your wildest imagination.

Method ------ You must use the right methods that have been proven to work and you must continue to experiment, refine and seek out information and better methods that will generate the most gains from the least effort. For example, the methods explained in our ebook "The Online Business Bible" are methods which we have developed and refined over the course of many years. Although what we suggest in the ebook is not the only way to do online business, the important thing is that the techniques described in it are what we are using and they are working for us and for hundreds other of our students who are also using it. This makes us certain that if you follow those same methods and with God on your side then they will also work for you. Later on in this course I shall talk more about the ebook and how you can get it but for now let's talk about the third pillar.


This third pillar has proved to be controversial for some of my critics because it recommends religion or a strong belief in a higher being or a higher cause as being a success factor for online business. But I always tell these critics that I speak from my own experience.

I have come to understand that a vital aspect of man’s success and prosperity lies greatly in how much he/she believes in and is motivated by a noble cause or a higher intelligence. Having a motivating force is vital for online business success.

I attribute the entirety of my success to the Christian God, The Almighty Yahweh the Merciful and Supreme God. He is my motivator and I look up to Him for guidance, inspiration and support. Every single piece of knowledge in my brain was brought my way by Him and He also gave my partners and I the intelligence to understand the information and put it to profitable use. I pay tithes, give generous offerings, give alms and give aid to the needy and underprivileged according to what He asks of us. I?m not blowing my trumpet but I?m trying to make a point. Give and it shall be given unto you is a law of nature. The more you give, the more you get in return.

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