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Do You Have An Internet Marketing Plan?
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Do You Have An Internet Marketing Plan?

Developing an internet marketing plan doesn't have to be hard. It's actually quite a simple task. If your goal is financial freedom then you most defiantly need an action plan.

There are many ways to advertise your online business so before you can establish a plan of action. You must first decide what method of internet marketing you want to begin building your online campaign around. A great way to start is through article marketing. This can be a fun and creative way to advertise your online business and the best part about this method is that it's free.I recommend this online marketing formula to beginner's.

There are numerous ways to advertise, There's also SEO, Email marketing, Pay Per Click etc. Pick the one you are most comfortable.with and go with it.Once you've developed a way to begin,

Step 1

Create a plan of action. Every entrepreneur needs to have a daily agenda. These are tasks that need to be performed daily. Since Article Marketing would be the easiest for an example, we'll start there.

Monday: Do research, come up with a product to promote and find some low competition keywords. I would recommend 5 or 10. Use The Google keyword suggestion tool in Google Adwords.

Tuesday: Write an article and base it on one keyword, so if you have researched 10 keywords, you should be writing 10 articles. Join 3 social bookmarking sites and 1 Forum

Wednesday: Finish Writing your articles. When you complete your articles, submit them to article directories. Here's a few to get you started

(1) Ezines

(2) Squidoo

(3) EHow

(4) Article Base

Thursday: Submit the RSS feeds of your articles to RSS feed directories, Make a blog post for each article and post 3 comments in an online forum.

Friday: Submit blog posts RSS feeds to RSS feed directories. Continue to work on your blog. Comment on your blog posts to promote your product.

It's a very basic formula. You just have to do the work and I'm not saying it's gonna be easy, you'll have some hard work ahead of you. Just remember this formula and it will earn you an income online.

Write + Submit = Earn Money

Step 2

Apply the plan. Don't procrastinate, Get yourself motivated and do the work and I promise you, your taking a step in the right direction to secure your future.Having an internet marketing plan can greatly benefit you in more than one way. If your well organized and well prepared, it makes life easier, I promise.

Learn Internet marketing

Wealthy Affiliate University is by far the best internet marketing training you can get. My recommendation is to visit the website, that's really all it would take.

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