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Do You Want To Do Business Online Using Internet Marketing?
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Do You Want To Do Business Online Using Internet Marketing?

So you want to do business online using Internet marketing. That may be a good choice for you - if you're willing to invest your time, talent and treasure.

Ahhh... I'm building a new email campaign that gives away full blown training. Got windy in my opening paragraph.

But you know what? Instead of cutting onto the editing room floor, I'm sharing. Because you can benefit from an important idea about business.

What is business? Good question!

Business is... Relationships and an exchange of value!

But? People's questions don't usually get there. Let alone start there!

Instead? Questions usually are about tactics. Acting as if one kind of marketing is business!

What do I get asked about?

(1) Article marketing

(2) Blog marketing

(3) Content marketing

(4) Delivering coaching

(5) eBook marketing

(6) Facebook marketing

(7) Google+ marketing

(8) Home party marketing

(9) Internet marketing...

(10) Joint Venture marketing

(11) Kid focused marketing

(12) Local marketing

(13) Mobile marketing

(14) Network marketing

(15) On the road marketing

(16) Pay per click marketing

(17) QR code marketing

(18) ROI or ROMI (return on investment or return on marketing investment)

(19) Search engine marketing (being in front of folks willing to pay for what you offer)

(20) Trap and rap marketing (thirty second elevator pitch)

(21) Unique unusual marketing

(22) Viral marketing

(23) Word of mouth marketing

(24) X-Ray app marketing (yep, catalogs with see-thru clothing!)

(25) Y generation marketing (getting attention by establishing a connection; being real as in authentic or transparent. Asking, "What do you want?" Listening! Video -aka YouTube- texting, IM'ing - community, word of mouth, cheap cost, good quality, fast service worth remembering and talking about. Also known as, give me an experience!)

(26) Z generation marketing (ooh approximately teenagers today; digital natives who optin to get information by texting, mobile video, sharing)

...A to Z... Uselessly! Because these are all simply distractions!

Distractions? Yes.

Marketing? Okay, creating an environment where people seek you out is indeed marketing. But focusing on "your" one kind of marketing is a distraction.

Why? Because marketing isn't a business model!

So what? If your business isn't making money, then fixing one thing? Geepers, this isn't going to feel good to you right now but - well, that way you're simply not likely to solve your problem.

Why? Marketing is one thing. Business is more than one thing, right?

If your business model has flaws or just simply isn't working for you, guess what? Getting more traffic simply won't fix your business model.

Getting another product isn't going to give you the results you need to fix "making money" either. If you don't have a good business model getting more stuff to sell, whether it's affiliate stuff or your own products or services you create? That's not going to solve the problem.

In a nutshell? That's not what business is. It's just part of it.

So do you want to do business online using Internet marketing? Your attitude of being willing to invest your time, talent and treasure is exactly where to start. You can even bootstrap from broke or broken and build a real business.

Street Talk

Good info here Cynthia. I made a major mistake on my newsletter mailing list, yes I started one, but all the people signing up went to my spam folder, just found them.... :) Oops

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Shawn. Oops - but! - you surely got good timing, Shawn. It's summer time during peak vacation season. So probably most people are quite okay with your delay.

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you for this Cynthia!

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Maria!

  about 1 decade ago

Very nice article! I'm still trying to grasp a lot of concepts of internet marketing and been focused a lot on writing lately. It can be tough to keep going if you aren't used to it and I've been struggling to keep up in my 2nd and 3rd weeks. I have definitely learned that having a solid plan from the get go is important and that if you really don't give out quality information, you won't go anywhere!

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you! Writing is a great place to focus. You're right, it can be tough getting going.

  about 1 decade ago

Wonderful article Cynthia! Focus on quality and branding. Develop credibility create true worth for people, and do it from the foundational point in your business. A sound plan from the beginning is the way to go .. Bravo!

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Wayne!

  about 1 decade ago

There are so many ways to make money online. Based on your list posted above it might be a bit tough for a newbie to pick a path. What would you suggest?

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks David, that's a great question! When you want to make money online I suggest that you do so by stepping back to make a plan. Many people go jumping into tactics and believing that's all you need. But that's just a recipe for chasing frustration. For example, when I earned my own first million in Software Enterprise, I did it by creating and executing a plan I created to give away my services. Giving attracts people. So I got to choose a number of business partners from amongst many who were interested. I was getting into something new to me that used all my skills to that point, so I went rather deeply into the analytical side of things in making my choices. In getting projects that generated revenue for these business partners, I discovered that some of these organizations were definitely not a fit for me. In fact, one even sued me when they did something wrong! (A story for an article here, right? They sued me 3 times because their attorneys kept quitting. Talk about stress...). Anyway, the Internet makes it far easier to "give yourself away" so to speak. And that speeds up the business cycle. That speed deceives people into believing that all that you need for long term success are tactics. So my advice for a newbie is to step back and make a solid plan. As you begin to execute that plan, test and measure. For example, in restarting my life after disasters that put my business aside for (far too!) long, I created a plan. Earlier this year I tested and measured because I released some tiny products through PaySpree. Several that I created myself made no sales (literally, a great big Zero!), two that I created with a friend sold a few, and one I created myself sold -- and a bit of a 'hit' by making many, many more sales than I'd thought possible. So I learned what path to follow by listening to the market. I deleted all the products. Now I am preparing to launch. Once again, by giving myself away. So for a newbie, I suggest that you make a real plan so you can build a real business. While you do so, build the skills you will need. One of those is definitely writing and interacting -- such as right here at Street Articles!

  about 1 decade ago
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