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Does Internet Marketing Really Work?
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Does Internet Marketing Really Work?

Hi everybody. I decided to write a quick article for you all called does internet marketing really work. For you people who regularly read or comment on any of my articles, I not only appreciate you occasionally stopping by but wanted to tell you all sorry a little as well for being a little inactive in SA lately. SA is a great community of online marketers & writers and I’m glad to be part of it. Lately I’ve been concentrating pretty hard on pretty big website that I’m very confident will be a huge success. I’ve already got jobs lined out for people, good paying jobs that are pretty easy & fun to do (that will of course greatly benefit the website in return – which is the whole point behind it). So because of that, I have some knowledge I want to leak out to you from the perspective of one who’s made a lot of mistakes with Online Marketing in the past & now actually knows what he’s doing.

Starting with Online Marketing?

Online Marketing is not easy, even though most people will tell you this so they can sell you a product they have either created or are advertising as an affiliate. There are people out there who have spent up to 1 year or even more and have failed. This is partly because they have either not put in the work to actually succeed with it, they fell under the trap of a ‘guru’ that steered them in usually the type of direction that involves taking a lot of money from the newcomer looking for direction, or they just didn’t use the right strategy to succeed. First things first, you need to learn from the right people, the type of people whose main goal doesn’t involve taking a lot of your hard earned money. If you’re paying more than around $360 (which involves the epic products by a few highly knowledgeable & successful internet marketers that can seriously be trusted or yearly memberships with a certain training program I’m thinking of) it is most likely you are getting scammed.

Why Can’t I Just Get it all Free & Not Pay Any Money?

Well my friend, there’s a reason why internet marketing is called internet marketing. It’s because people are marketing products to either give you what you need or selling you something that you might need for a certain project you’re doing (like a bass fishing rod for catching bass fish). In the case of learning how to market online, you have to be smart.. I have read in the past that as high as around 34/35 online jobs, guides, or anything else promising money are either over-priced or a scam. Only 1/35 can actually be trusted, but you still have to pay them a little money. Why you ask? Because they’re selling you a bass fishing rod for effectively catching bass fish. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried catching fish with your bare hands, but it’s definitely not an easy task.

Ok, which one do I get then?

Since having started Online Marketing since February of 2011, I have seen a few pretty good places. But in all my time, there has always been 1 place that has stuck out from the rest. The place I am thinking of has taught me how to do everything that I know & do today. The place I’m thinking of taught me how to expand upon a strong structured framework that allowed me to excel into the person I am today.

Will it be hard when I start?

Yes, it will be hard. There will be a lot of different things you’ll need to learn, you’ll need to ask many specific questions on how certain things work, you’ll need to learn how to build websites (which isn’t really as hard as you might initially think especially with all the cool little tools & things they have today), you’ll need to be familiar with how major websites like Google & major social sites work (Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, & Facebook) & you’ll have to dedicate a certain amount of time every week out of your work schedule for dedicating to online marketing.

I personally know of people who have succeeded just within the 1st month, of course having awesome help during that beginning process. Chances are, you will not see success within the 1st month. Chances are, it will be around ½ a year if not later before you see any type of success. But as long as you have the motivation & desire to truly succeed with online marketing, there is a very high chance you will see success within the 1st 1 or 2 years of doing it. But like I said earlier, you need to learn from loving people who aren’t trying to sell you very expensive items and learn from somebody who serious about helping you do what you need to do to seriously succeed online.

If you have any thoughts about online marketing, if you’re confused about how something works, you’re scared to give any money out to people online, you’ve had bad experiences with people who have taken advantage of you in the past, or anything else that’s related to online marketing & making an online living, I’d love to hear what you have to say. I know that one of my personal missions has been to help people online find what they really need online, and I intend to keep on doing that.

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Great article Seth, I've been learning about internet marketing for around 4 months now, I must say I absolutely love it and have definitely got the bug.

  about 9 years ago

i like your article Seth

  about 9 years ago

Excellent article Seth. No, internet marketing is not easy. If it was, way more people would be doing it. Not only it's not easy, but it's not for everyone either. If you don't like to write, for example, my guess is unless you can pay for someone to write your articles, you won't be able to make it.

  about 9 years ago

Up front and honest, the best way to write Seth!

  about 1 decade ago

Great article. I have been learning now for almost a year and sadly have only made around $40 to date. However, I am not discouraged to the least bit. In fact, I'm more motivated than ever because it proves the system works and I can make money with it. I plan to keep moving forward staying positive and excited!!

  about 1 decade ago

Hey Melisa. That's where most people are at. I know 1 year into it, I started really building an actual site that wasn't actually bad. Once you realize how everything works and what you really need to do to succeed, you'll be like oh man... now I have to put in the work to do it. haha. There's tons of ways to make a living, but by going the free route mostly for building a Wordpress site, you either need a very smart sub-niche or you need a great website with a lot of stuff on it - but not overboard. Keep in mind we're still simply online marketers trying to create a living online perhaps with the aid of a team on down the road and we're not trying to accomplish anything like Wikipedia or About.(om. You just have to continue to explore, and I think more importantly, you need to do a lot of pre-planning before you actually put something to put action. If you look at Kyle & Carson, the 2 owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy, & Street Articles, they'll tell you they plan about 1 year in advance before they make any advancement with Wealthy Affiliate. I think that alone says a lot in itself.

  about 1 decade ago

Seth, hi, Absolutely agree with you, having myself spent far too much time looking at more than one avenue. You soon realise that sticking to one base for knowledge is the best way, and that is certainly true in my case. In addition in the research I keep doing it is quite clear that many of the super affiliates did not make it overnight (never thought they would), but equally some took well over a year. It's getting this thought clear that is so important. Having said that I know from personal experience how difficult it is sometimes when you are seeing no results and wondering as we all do what is going on. We need to keep motivating fellow marketers as you have - well done regards Keith

  about 1 decade ago

Nah, I was actually reading about 1 of the super affiliates and he wrote right on his wall it took him 2 years before he started making really anything with Internet Marketing, which is about the same truth for me. As for what you use for a basis on how you do things, I agree as well. Kyle's said the same thing in the past. If you try and do everything at once or a bunch of things, you really won't get anywhere. Once you get good at one tactic, use that for a strong base of how you do things & then expand on that accordingly. I know that my strong suits include Wordpress site building, ranking in Google with content, writing (even though I'm not quite a professional), article marketing for sure, and I guess a lot of general knowledge on how everything else works. I know if you put together a great team of people who have diversified playing fields and you put that together, you'll create one heck of a site. ;)

  about 1 decade ago
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