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Easy Steps To Start A Online Business
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Easy Steps To Start A Online Business

You can start a online business by following a few basic steps. I will guide you through an easy business model that will allow you to start your business soon.

First question: How do I earn money online?

This first question is related to the different kind of online businesses there are, as you can earn money by selling your own products, or earn money promoting other people’s products (as an affiliate), or by promoting completion of different kinds of offers (CPA networks).

My advice is to go through the affiliate path, by promoting sales of other people’s products in exchange for commissions. The main reason for this is that being an affiliate, you only promote sales of products you don’t personally own, so you don’t have to deal with customer support of any kind. The other big reason is that, as an affiliate, you have lots of freedom to freely switch between markets and products as you wish. If you sold your own product, and you radically switched to another market (i. e., you did your own ebook about gardening, and you switched your market to weight loss), you would have to start over all the process again!

Ok then. How can I promote things as an affiliate? And what do I need for that?

There are a number of ways to promote things as an affiliate. But, I would venture to say that in any case you absolutely need a website of your own. No, it’s not as hard as you think. And you don’t have to be a techie nor have a degree for that. There are several sites all around where you can create your own website for free and which allow to make it in an easy way and with almost no effort on your part.

First you must get a website. And to have a website, you need a domain name and a hosting. To choose your domain name, I recommend you do some research of your situation first.

First think about your market. If your market were “football”, and you would like to promote “football uniforms” (for example), then, which domain would you choose?

In order to find out your domain, you can use some keyword research tool and search keywords related to “football uniforms”. Extract keywords that don’t have a lot of competition, but decent monthly traffic, at least 50 or a 100. Then choose your domain between them.

Ok, now you have your domain. Now it’s time to create your site using that domain.

Next? The next thing is to fill your site up with content. That goes before adding any single promotional word. Put that content based on the keywords you extracted in the step before. One post of about 400 words for each of these keywords is ok.

Ok, my content is ready. Now what?

Now, you should search for nice products to promote. Products related to your keywords, of course. Now your job is to recommend these products inside your content. You must do it in a friendly manner, as people don’t like to feel they are being pushed to buy anything. They would run away from your site, and your efforts would be a waste. It must be their choice to buy, not yours! If you are able to thrill and engage your visitors, you'll do fine.

By now, you should have a clear idea of the big picture of how to start a online business by setting up your own website. The next thing is to get some targeted traffic to your website (this is, people who could potentially be interested in your market and the products you are promoting), which is the core of actually running an online business.

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