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Easy Ways To Make Money -pitfalls And Profits Of Easy Money Making
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“There must be an easier way.” I hear that all the time. Maybe you hear that from your children when they have to do their chores at home. Maybe you have thought that and wanted to invent something that would make something easy to do. Maybe during the drudgery at work on those long exhausting days, you have said, “There must be easy ways to earn money.” All of us would like to earn money in ways that would not be hard, long, and boring. However, are there truly easy ways to earn money?

On line you can find many sites that tell you there are easy ways to earn money.”In five minutes you can have a website, making $1000 a month.” “Just push a button and you will become rich and here is a screen shot of the hundreds and thousands coming into my bank account everyday.” There are easy ways to earn money. Unfortunately, the only one really making money is the one who set up the original website. Others are losing money by thinking that they can be rich for $39.95.

Are there easy ways to earn money on line?


Yes there are. One way is through Swagbucks. This downloadable search engine uses Google search but pays you to use it. You earn points as you search and can redeem these for Amazon cards, etc. One user earned over $400 in cards and merchandise over a six month period. This is free money by doing what you would do anyway – surf the internet.

Complete Surveys

Another easy way to earn money is through doing surveys. Companies desire feedback from consumers like you. They do surveys of people meeting certain qualifications and the person gets “paid” for answering a 5 to 45 minute survey. The payment may be cash (usually $1 - $10), free product, or enrollment in a sweepstakes. Expect $50 - $100 a month, if you fill out several surveys. Warning – read the privacy policies of of any survey site you sign up with and be sure that it is not a marketing site that collects your information and sells it.

Filling Offers

One more easy way to earn money is by filling out offers. I recently received an email to sign up for a free laptop. I clicked on the link to find out if I would fill out 13 product offers, I would receive a “free” laptop. Each product offer costs money. Many have a trial period and you can actually make money or receive free product, if you “try” the product but cancel during the cancellation period. The big problem with this is that you have to be super organized so you cancel before you are charged for the product, and you have to read through all the small print of the offer to be sure what the terms of cancellation are and also the terms of fulfilling the “trial” of the product. I would definitely avoid this way to receive free product.

Affiliate Marketing

Of all the easy ways to make money, I prefer affiliate marketing. I get to write about what I am interested in doing. I enjoy my work, I can work when I want to and when I have available time. I can perform affiliate marketing with little cost.

While other easy ways to make money may provide a few gift cards, some products, or a few dollars in the wallet, affiliate marketing can make some serious cash. Several affiliate marketer have even replaced their day job with the affiliate marketing income. There is even a now cost training course available for a person to learn the basis of affiliate marketing.

There are easy ways to make money on line. Swagbucks is free money given just for web searching. Taking surveys provides a little cash, free products, and potential sweepstakes' winnings. Filling out offers provides free product, but at a potentially large expense. None of these will provide major income. However, affiliate marketing can provide substantial income if a person is willing to put effort in writing about the things he enjoys doing.

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