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Explode Your Facebook Likes In 9 Simple Steps
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Explode Your Facebook Likes In 9 Simple Steps

Do you salivate at the mouth thinking of all the people on Facebook who are so close, yet so beyond your reach? Do you see others with thousands of likes to their fanpage and wish you knew how to get facebook likes too?

Over the past couple of days I've been taking a facebook marketing course and would like to share some of the things that i've been learning. I haven't really had time to test them out but in just 2 days of doing this have already gotten 15 new likes- 10 today alone! Please note, this article assumes you already know how to set up custom tabs & tag people.

How to Get Facebook Likes:

1) Set you your page with at least one customized app with customized tab.

2) Set up at least one iframe app (that means that one of the apps on your fanpage contains your embedded website, blog or affiliate site). This too should have a customized tab.

3) To get your page’s personalized username just check the facebook username page to see if it's still available. Facebook no longer requires you have 25 likes to claim your username url.

4) One you've got your chosen facebook url, change your page name to something appealing that will draw people to your fanpage. This is who people will see you as when you post and its a link that will bring them right to your page.

5) Spend at least half an hour filling your timeline with great content, and continue to do so for at least 15 minutes every day. MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING FACEBOOK AS YOUR PAGE NAME WHEN YOU DO THIS. Content, as we all know, is king. People love to share pictures and videos, so make sure you include a good variety. Content can be original or shared from other pages within your niche. Don't just post a bunch of self promotion, nobody will read it or return to your page. That's not the way how to get facebook likes, it the way to get a bad reputation.

6) To get a good Facebook Edgerank it is important that people share, comment, and like your posts frequently. You want to engage people and encourage a response, so make sure that you aren’t just telling things. Ask questions and phrase statements in a way that encourages them to respond back. Edgerank is when your posts appear in the newsfeed of those who have liked your page. Not every one of your posts will appear in your likes’ newsfeed, it depends on your Edgerank rating. The more shares (best), comments (awesome) , likes (better than nothing) you get, the higher your Edgerank. So make you you are posting lot of good quality content that engages your fans.

7) Find and “like” 20-30 pages in your niche that have a lot of fans, and that is obviously an active page, with up to date content posted by the administrator. Then spend 15 minutes or more every day, visiting those pages and commenting on posts that are already there, or adding quality posts to their timeline. Check your page's newsfeed often and contribute back wherever you can. DO NOT go to someone's page and spam! The key here is that you will be using facebook as your page not as yourself, so if your fan page name is catchy and informative it will draw them when you post. And by posting quality content you will make them hungry for more of what you have to say. This will also initiate the building of new online relationships. Occasionally post something on your timeline using your personal profile, in that way building up your friends list as well.

8) Ask permission from select friends or pages you’ve liked, to become your tagging partner. Get 30-50 tagging partners. This means you have permission to tag them when you post content. (This tutorial assumes you know how to tag). When you tag someone in a post, it goes on their wall as well as yours. It is mutually beneficial because the page or friend you are tagging will get extra exposure and your posts will go into the news feeds of everyone on their list. It’s very powerful. Just make sure you don’t tag anyone too much. Spread it around or they will ask you to stop tagging them. If you have 50 tag partners that you tag three times per week on great content, that means your post will be going out to 150 friends'/like lists per week. How powerful is that? To get tagging partners, simply put a notice out on your wall explaining what you are looking for. Or ask people that you'd like as your tagging partner. I’ve pinned a notice on my wall and submitted the same notice to several business groups that I belong to. I believe once I've gotten a good number of tagging partners that this will be the most powerful way how to get facebook likes that there is.. combined with the continuing high quality content.

9) Using "Notes" to tag in posts that contain a link. You may notice that you can’t tag links, only photos... so if you’re posting a link to an article or video, it seems you can’t tag any of your partners.... but you can. By using the Notes app, you can input the the title and an excerpt of the article (obviously you can’t put the entire article) with a link for them to read more. Then you can add your image and.... there is a place to put your tags. It’s great because you can put a whole bunch of your tag partners in at once..

I did this step this morning and I've already gotten 2 tagging partners and 8 new likes just today. Now that's how to get facebook likes!

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