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Fastest Ways To Make Money Online!
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Here are some great ways to Make Money Fast on the Internet!

Let’s look at the two Fastest Ways to Make Money Online in the Short Run.

Then I will share with you the Fastest Way to Make Money Online in the Long Run.

My name is K. Les Baker and I am 61 years old from a trades background and if I can learn these ways to make money online you can too!

I had a whole bunch of stuff from my parents estate I needed to get rid of so I learned how to use CrigsList and Ebay to sell it and make money fast in the process.

I was so fascinated by how easy it was to turn old junk items into cash using the internet I began to look for other ways to use the internet to make money.

I discovered Affiliate Marketing, got some good training and learned how to make money with it. Were talkin Job Quitting money here my friend!

Short Run!

The fastest ways I have used to make money Online is to sell something on CraigsList or on eBay.

If you are just looking for the Fastest Way to Make Money to get some Quick Paychecks you can simply take a look around the house like in the attic or basement and gather up all the stuff you don’t want and sell it.

It may not be of value to you but chances are there is someone out there who will pay good money for what you think of as junk. Don’t ask me why! It’s amazing what people will buy.

Sell your Junk on CraigsList!

Take four good quality digital pictures of the item you want to sell. A shot from each angle. Get as close up and as much detail as you can.

Log on to and create an account.

Create a listing under the appropriate Category.

Write a detailed description of the item. The more the better! Include the age, color, model, brand, size, serial number, weight, horsepower, etc. Be clever and descriptive. Create value and above all emphasize the BENEFITS! For example, if you are selling a space heater write “…it keeps me toasty warm”. If your selling an old power saw write “…it really zips through a 2 x 4 like a hot knife through butter”.

Upload your Four good Photos. Always always use photos!

Create a free email account in Gmail at Google (So you don’t get SPAM on your personal account) and place that email address in your ad along with your phone number if you want to sell it faster.

Set a realistic price. Log on to and up at the top and to the right of the Search Field you will see the blue word “ADVANCED” search. Click on that and enter the keyword description of your item.

Scroll down an check where it says “Completed Listings” and click Search. This will pull up a list of all items sold recently that match the keyword description. Read each of them to get a feel for the value as it relates to your item based upon age, condition, etc.

Now decide upon a realistic price and put it in your CraigsList Ad.

If you set a fair price compared to other similar items available on CraigsList you could have a buyer within 24 hours and get paid.

Selling on CraigsList is one of the Fastest Ways to Make Money you will find!

When you run out of your own junk to sell go to some Yard Sales and pay a couple bucks for someone else’s junk and turn around and sell it on CL for a profit. Rinse and Repeat!

Sell Stuff on eBay!

Selling an item on eBay is a little bit more involved but is one of the Fastest Ways to Make Money there is and you can usually get a higher price because people get caught up in the excitement of bidding and the greed factor.

Go to and set up a Buyer’s account and a Seller’s account. The instructions are really easy to follow and helpful. Even I didn’t have any problem with it!

The sign up process will take you to to set up an account there.

Now, I want you to BUY 4 to 6 low cost items of preferably something you need. Two or Three or Five dollar items will work just fine.

Pay for them instantly with your new PayPal account. Be sure and leave POSITIVE Feedback for the Seller when you receive your items. The Seller will leave you POSITIVE Feed back for you as a Buyer as soon as you pay for them.

Very Important! Here’s why! 90% of buyers won’t check to see if your Feedback is from Buying or Selling but if you don’t have any feedback or less than 100% feedback they likely pass.

Now, create a Listing to sell your item using the same principals just like I described for CraigsList.

Upload Twelve (12) Photos. No less than 12. Very Important!

Determine value the same way as for CL.

Now, select a 3 Day Auction with a low reserve of 10% of the price to keep the fee low.

Select the “Buy Now” Option. Set price at the average Market Value just like I showed you for CL using the Advanced Search.

If you created a good listing with lots of description and good photos and set a fair price you could have a buyer and get paid in a matter of hours or within 3 days.

Use the same strategy as for CL to find more items to sell or go to and find a Drop Shipper or a Wholesaler.

Selling items on eBay is another one of the Fastest Ways to Make Money Online.

Fastest Way to Make Money for the Long Haul!

You probably haven’t heard of Affiliate Marketing because if you had you wouldn’t be reading this article.

Affiliate Marketing is the Easiest Way I have found to Make Money for the long haul, once you learn how to do it that is.

With a little bit of training like I had you could be making steady money in as little as one week to one month. And within a year you could be making “Job Quitting Income.”

There are plenty of part time Affiliate Marketers making a few hundred bucks a month and a lot of Full Timers making Five Figure Monthly Incomes doing what I would call easy and pleasant work.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

I learned there are literally Hundreds of Online Merchants known as Affiliate Merchants or Affiliate Networks like that sells digital products or that sells Vitamins or Health Supplements or Sports Paraphernalia. Whatever your into!

Even Sears and Walmart have Affiliate Programs.

These Affiliate Merchants or Networks are begging for people like me and you and will pay up to 75% per sale just to help market their products. ClickBank for instance will pay you up to 75% for their digital products but most Networks pay 25% to 50%.

And there is NO Minimum production requirement either!

Can you imagine getting paid up to 75% each time someone buys something because of what you did last week or month or last year?

All you do is simply Enroll (for FREE) with an Affiliate Merchant or Network that caries the type of product/s you want to promote and they will assign you a Unique Affiliate Link.

Some Affiliate Networks will even provide you with your very own Landing Page that displays and describes their products for you.

Your only job is to promote those products by using Classified Ads like on CraigsList, Article Marketing, Email, Blogging, Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads, Website, etc.

You place your Unique Affiliate Link in your Online Marketing Materials and when you attract a customer who clicks on your Affiliate Link and purchases the product “Bingo”, that sale is credited to your account by software and you get paid every two weeks or every month, automatically.

It’s like Creating Income out of thin air because you didn’t have to buy your own products to sell.

It costs less than $75 per year for a Domain Name and Hosting if you use a website.

Like I said Affiliate Marketing is the fastest way to make money for the long haul I have ever tried but you do need to get some training to learn how to do Affiliate Marketing effectively or you will make a lot of mistakes and waste a lot of time.

There are some very good FREE Affiliate Marketing courses available to help you get started the way I did.

If you do want learn more about Affiliate Marketing there are some reliable sources of information and training available that will provide you with sound guidance.


We have looked at Two of the Fastest Ways to Make Money in the Short Haul using the Internet to sell Your things on CraigsList and eBay!

And, we looked at the One Fastest Way to Make Money in the Long Haul using the Internet, to sell Other Peoples products called Affiliate Marketing!

All three ways work for me and they will work for you too!

Commit yourself to learning and trying new things and you will make Fast Money Online.

Best of Luck to you,

K. Les Baker

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