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Finding Profitable Niche Markets With Problems And Solutions
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Finding Profitable Niche Markets With Problems And Solutions

Finding a niche to launch a successful campaign online can be a daunting experience especially for newbies. Many techniques, strategies and tools have been identified to aid the process of Niche hunting; more of which if properly implemented can seek out within a few minutes profitable, low competition niche to give you some steady income.

However, today we will be using a more unconventional method in seeking out a niche for your campaign. I call it the ‘Problems and Solutions Niche finder’.

Much unlike what you know before of employing your passion as a niche, we will be looking at utilizing your challenges as a niche. How does this work, you may ask?

Wait for it...

‘Whatever infuriates you the most is a problem created for you to solve’? Does it make sense?

What major challenges are you having as a newbie to IM? What holds you back continuously from achieving the dream of buying a new car, a house, holidays in the Bahamas, Financial Independence.... What? Is it Procrastination, Lack of Motivation, Money, keyword density, time management?

And for our most illustrious old timers amongst us: With all due respect, what is the limiting factor holding you back from going to the next level, reaching out and launching something as BIG as WA. Is it getting traffic to your website... Remember, ‘Whatever thing that frustrates you the most...’

The challenges we face is an opportunity at launching yourself forward as the provider of the solution to that challenge. I once read in a blog at WA that ‘the best way to learn something is to teach it’.

For the fact that it is a challenge to you means it is a challenge to thousands of others out there. I have also learnt in my short stay as an IMer that the best way to make it BIG as an Internet Marketer is to help others.

This sounds a little unconventional I know, but the fact that it is a problem for you means that it is a problem for so many. And the only way you can make money online is by helping as many people as possible to solve a problem including yourself.

When I joined WA a few weeks back, my greatest challenge was finding a niche to launch my campaign. Now guess what my website is all about? Yes, niches and niche markets. You can check my website out by clicking on the available links to find the best research advice on finding and dominating a niche of choice.

We can thus say when there is a problem, there is a niche market to attend to, and when there is a niche market there are truck loads of money to be made.

To launch a campaign you need a passion and where a passion does not readily come to you (which is strange, but true as in my case), look for a problem, do some research about it and continuously provide helpful articles for your audience.

Get busy.

Street Talk

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