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Gifts That Can Break You Or Make You A Bundle Of Money
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Unless you want a real education of a supposed legitimate con game don’t get suckered into these high flying gifting ripoffs.

Roughly six months ago I fell for the unbelievable proposition which asked me to send a $20 gift to the first person on a list of 10. I was assured that if I mailed out copies of this flyer, with my name in the number 10 position, the rewards to me would be in the neighborhood of $14,000-$15,000 in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Their sales pitch was that I only needed to send out 20 or so copies of this fabulous gifting letter. I took the bait and forwarded my $20 gift to the number 1 position on the list made, not 20, but 200 copies of the gifting letter with me in number 10 slot, and mailed them out.

Now the fun begins with these gifting schemes. Most are individually originated by people who put their own name in the number 1 position and then mail the flyer to numerous individuals--considerably more than the 20 suggested. They thereby eliminate the time frame it takes to get from the number 10 slot to the paying number 1 position. They start at the top although no one is aware of that.

The disadvantage to that con game is they do not have the benefit of the multiplication of numbers as their name would normally have had, had they started at the number 10 spot, however, mailing out 500 or more of these flyers could be done for roughly $350 which could possibly return $$8,000 to $10,000 in just a week or two.

Let’s look at the numbers if everyone follows the prescribed script as indicated in the flyer.

As I am in the number 10 position I mail out 20 flyers. Of those 20 recipients, experts say roughly 3-5% will respond. Let us be generous and say 10% or 2 of those 20 will participate. Those 2 move me up to the number 9 position on their flyers and each mail out 20 more flyers for a total of 40 flyers mailed. At 10% response rate we now have 4 more who now each mail out 20 flyers which now gives us a total of 80 flyers being mailed out with me in position 8 on the list of 10. This progression generally would continue until I reached the number 1 position and began receiving my $20.00 gifts. The time factor which these gifting geniuses fail to relate is that it would take roughly 2 weeks for each of the 9 recipient mailers above me to prepare and mail their flyers. If more than the 20 recommended mailings were desired a mailing list company would need to be contacted for the proper names, which likely would add another week to this process.

Let us digress for a moment here and explain these gifting endeavors. In the normal progression it would take roughly 18 weeks or 4 ½ months before I would reach the number 1 gift paying spot. At that time there would be, at the 10% participation rate, 32 people who would each send me the $20.00 gift for a total of $640.00.

Not bad you say considering the preparation and mailing of 20 flyers likely cost less than $40.00 plus my original $20 gift. It would, however, be a long way from the $14,000 to $16,000 purported to be received in about 2 weeks.

Generally, as mentioned, most of these programs suggest mailing just 20 flyers to friends and relatives. I would suggest many of my friends would be somewhat offended to receive a missive from me asking them to send a $20.00 gift, not to me, but to someone they had never heard of, as a favor for me.

I stated I opted to mail 200 flyers so I had to obtain the names and addresses from a mailing list company. The 200 peal and stick labels cost roughly $40.00-$45.00.

The above described scenario of receiving $640.00 after 4 ½ months is the good part. Let me relate my experience which is more likely what would occur. I mailed 200 flyers for a cost of roughly $180.00. Guess what. I received a large sum total of one $20.00 gift. Yes, a total of $20.00. So my participation rate was less than 1/10th. of 1 percent.

Now comes the unbelievable part. Once you are on the gifting program mailing list you will discover just how popular you are. In approximately 6 months I received over 286 gifting flyers or an average of 3 a week and, what an education they were.

Some promoted the scheme as God’s Gift, Helping Friends, Disaster Club, and Charity House while others were more secular like Helping Friends, Perfect Income Plan, Plus Gifting, Forced Money, Priority Wealth, Gift Club, Pay-It-Forward, Gifts For All and Earl’s Gift to a Friend.

I received 8 of this last flyer with some of them having 3 or 4 of the same names on them. Many other schemes, 8 or 10, were again similar with some name duplication. And the gifting amounts required were also quite varied although sending a $5.00 gift to one individual was the most prevalent. Several required $50 or more with $100, $150, $200, $250 and even $500. To warn about other gifting programs one flyer even published the names of over 120 other competing gifting schemes.

And one could not believe all of the pay off hype? $15,000-$30,000 in 2 weeks, $150,000 in 2 weeks mailing 300 flyers, more reliable than the stock market, guaranteed money for life, $4,194,304 after 10 levels, turn a $75 gift into $27,000 weekly-over and over again. They were all quite interesting in light of the fact I received a total of one $20 gift after mailing 200 flyers.

As you can readily discern, the above gifting schemes are more scams than realistic income producing programs. Now don’t be discouraged as there are many gifting programs out there which won’t cost you a dime and which can make you a sizable amount of money.

These programs show you how to capitalize on the Internet market while also giving you free digital books to boot. You simply pick a digital product to promote utilizing free Internet classified ads. Your customer orders the book, the provider collects for it and ships it, along with a bonus book, and you collect your commission and a free book. Now that’s a free gifting program!

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