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Going For Gold - Cool Niches In Hot Markets
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Going For Gold   -   Cool Niches In Hot Markets

We've always been told to follow your passions when we go niche hunting and to be totally honest doing so always produces your best writing, wouldn’t you agree? If Steve is a golfer who sets up a site on called “Clubs-I-Like” will have an endless stream of excitable writing to draw from. He'll review his favourite golf clubs and also the as tours the country, (or world) playing his beloved sport, he can also give first hand reviews of the Golf Clubs (golf courses) he visits too... that's OK for a while.

But often as online marketers we set up multiple websites, not just 1 or 2 and create a flow of residual revenue streams in different niches. And it’s your next niche that I want to talk to you about. The niches in hot markets that the niche finder video never shows you!

There comes a time in your online career when you know how the buyers cycle works, more importantly how to build a website and get it ranked organically. It’s at that time we start to branch out and look to embrace other niches, not only the niches markets that are connected to our individual passions.

We also look for new niches to enter that:

  1. Are trending and have a hungry crowd.
  2. That have an abundance of low hanging keywords.
  3. Has a well tweaked and converting landing page
  4. Big affiliate Cash Payouts

Are you at that stage of your online career yet? If so, this maybe pure gold for you, so listen up!

There’s one message that’s echoed around the worlds financial markets at the moment. "It’s get out of paper money and invest in precious metals". It’s even filtered down through all types of media channels. It's been pretty hard to miss really, I’m sure you’ve read the news stories and watched the TV footage spreading the word.

It’s no longer a maybe.. It’s a definite the only safe currency that still yields profits is Gold! Gold had risen by 600% since 2002.

If $15,000 into gold in 2002, it would be worth over $90,000 now. Thats a 600% return on investment , so finally the smart money that 'used' to get tied up with stocks is finding it's way to precious metals. Many IRA’s and 401K accounts are being flushed for the much safer, and shrewd, investment in Gold. This is a niche that warrants a serious look... So let’s give it one.

I’ve done a bit of poking around so let's see if this gold niche warrants a further look.

1) Is the topic of investing in gold trending? Well we’ve covered that one. Rising price of gold and Silver being all over the news is definitely a sign of something trending.

2) With just the single seed keyword of “Gold” in I generated a list of 40 plus keywords using the Jaaxy keyword tool. The opportunities are endless, and these keywords I found will get me I suppose as a content niche marketer you know how to find a hot market right?

3) The landing page has the 3 elements that are crucial for visitor conversion. A free value item just for enquiring, Social proof that the offer is rock solid and serious call to action with no link leak.

4) The facts are one company pays out more than 12x than other merchants of precious metals. The affiliate partner program pays as follows:

- $30 per call (over 10 minutes)

- $30 per lead (phone # and name)

- 3% of the gross investment amount (similar companies only pay 0.25%)

- your very own 800 number that is unique to you, and their follow up on leads is quite unique too...

So seeing that it would take you the equal amount of effort to rank a trending niche site in a hot market such as buying gold, as it would a site about top selling products on Amazon, wouldn’t you rather earn more per sale rather than a few dollars? Me too.

Street Talk

C. Hughes  

I'd say this is well worth a look. Thanks for the head's up Tony

  about 1 decade ago

Your very welcome, it's just one of those opportunities that I had to write about! SEO marketers Kampai!.

  about 1 decade ago

I'd be very interested to know how you get on in this niche. Do drop me a comment if you have any questions about it. Here or on my blog.

  about 1 decade ago
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