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Guide To Keyword Research
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The Internet Marketing community is growing more rapidly than ever and new websites are sprouting everywhere. This means that the competition is growing and with Google's latests decisions, Internet marketing certainly hasn't become any easier. The only way to get and stay ahead of the fierce competition, is to research your keywords properly and this guide to keyword research will show you how.

After reading this guide to keyword research, you will know how to find highly profitable keywords that are easy to rank for.

Lately, keyword research seems to have evolved from just crunching the numbers, to a delicate art. Luckily for you, most people are still just crunching numbers and don't take the other aspects into account. By harnessing the art of keyword research, you will be miles ahead of those number-zombies.

Most people are searching for keywords that get over 1000 searches per month and have less than 5000 "quoted" search results. With Google's latest updates, getting ranked for keywords that have 5000 in competition, is next to impossible in a short time span, but if you're not in a hurry and willing to sacrifice a few years, go ahead.

In stead of cursing Google for making the competition that much harder, use it to your advantage! You see, while most people are desperately trying to get ranked for keywords that are highly popular, you can take the easy route by targeting keywords that get just 200 searches per month and have less than 300 quoted results.

Think about this: If 10 of your articles for 10 different keywords that only get 200 searches per month get ranked on the first page, it's even better than having one article on the first page that is targeting a keyword that gets 2000 searches (which will never happen).

Why is it even better? Well, no matter how much you optimize your article to a specific keyword, it always gets ranked for more than one keyword phrase. For instance, if you optimize your article for "list of 3D tv's", you may also get ranked for "3d tv list", "list of televisions", "how does 3D work", etc.

So How do You Find These Keywords?

Just use Google's keyword tool to find out how many searches a keywords phrase gets. Look for one that gets around 200 searches and then go to Google's search engine to see how many quoted results the keyword phrase has. If it's 300 or less, you're good to go!

Here is Where the ART Comes in

When you find a keyword phrase, ask yourself this: "What kind of person would use this search term?" and "What is this person looking for?"

For example: I host a website, selling guitars. The homepage is targeted to "cheap acoustic guitars for sale". I wrote the content of my website as if I was writing for a friend who is interested in learning to play guitar, ready to buy his first guitar but is uncertain of whether playing guitar is something for him or not and thus doesn't want to spend a lot of money on it right away.

Most people actually don't do this last part and stop thinking as soon as they have a keyword that fits the numbers! These people miss out on thousands of dollars!

This concludes this guide to keyword research. You now know what to look for and what to do when you find it. I personally find it best to create a list of 25 different keywords which you can use for your articles and content.

For a more comprehensive guide to keyword research, with images and case studies, head over to my website about keyword research and analysis, on Here, I'll give you much more in depth information and suggestions.

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