Herbalife Review
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Herbalife Review


My Review of Herbalife SCAM

Herbalife Jersey

This going to be less about how Herbalife scammed me but about people have used the name of Herbalife since 1980 as a legitimate business opportunity to make money from unsuspecting individuals looking for a way to make extra income by becoming Herbalife product distributors.

Before we start I want to help you get started in your own Business Click Here to get started. With a seven day free trial.

What is Herbalife and what do they sell?

Herbalife is a Multi-level Marketing company Started in 1980, Founded in Los Angeles California by Mark Hughes That is Valued at over $5 Billion dollars yes that is $5,000,000,000. They own several sports teams like Soccer’s LA Galaxy and FC Barcelona.

Pros: Herbalife promotes weight loss and nutrition products aimed at Overweight and obese people. Since fat can lead to Diabetes, Strokes, Heart attacks, Several forms of Cancer leading to Premature death.

CONS: Most of those people are middle and lower class latino customers in the amount of 300,000 to 400,000 Distributors and users of the Herbalife weight loss products in the USA are comprised of Latino people. Those 300,000 to 400,000 will quit this year and be replaced next year by more unwitting pawns to Herbalife’s dirty little secret.



* 96% of Herbalife distributors Fail in a gradual decline of over a 4-year period.

* 0.12% make an average of over $148,000 a year.

* 99% earn less than half of minimum wage.

* 88% of Herbalife participants make no $ money. 96% of sales leaders earn less than half of the pay of a minimum-wage job.

* 96% of sales leaders earn less than half of the money of a minimum-wage job.

* 96% EARN LESS THAN $3.63 Total.

* 66% of sales leaders drop out in the first year after many have spent $thousands just to start up a Herbalife Franchise.

My Story

So how did I get involved with Herbalife?

I was looking around on the internet for a company that I could make money with on a part time basis to complement my full-time job. I filled out a form online and got a reply back in a day or two. A Herbalife dealer whose name I can no longer remember and I never got to meet in person sent me a personal welcome letter and introduction to the Herbalife business, Evey body gets this letter because the website is one of their ploys to get people into the Herbalife business. You will never meet or spend time with any of the corporate Heads in Herbalife unless you get lucky and make a bunch of money selling product for them somehow.

You fill out a short questionnaire about how fast you think you would like to be a builder of your business and how much money you would spend in a budget to get started as a distributor or just become a user of the product. So after this step I determined that I would like to be a distributor of the Herbalife product. I think personally this is how most people get started in the Herbalife business.


I got my credit card out and then bought into the Herbalife Business.Then a week later I received my first shipment of Herbalife product. The first shipment was well over $1000.00 Man was I a sucker I walked right into the lion’s mouth and dressed myself with BBQ sauce.

First Shipment

In the first shipment contained in two large boxes was vitamin pills diet, drink powder some mixing and measuring containers and give away packages to send away to your friends and family, who you hope if they are not offended by the contents of the package will become your first of many clients. The content of the package is energy drink in powder form and some flyers as an introduction to you as a Herbalife distributor. I think I used most of the contents of the box myself. Because I couldn’t sell any of it because it is very expensive and you can get it cheaper at a grocery store or pharmacy. The 2 products that I used the most were vanilla and chocolate protein powder. My favorite was chocolate it is low in sugar and has a great taste it was a little bit chalky but if you mixed it with some fruit it was ok. Then there was a bunch of different vitamins and supplements in bottles and small cases to divide your vitamins up in your daily doses. They were also for sale, but I ended up using them up myself. There was also the wonderful and amazing instant Weight loss tea. It really was just like tea powder you add it to water for flavor in between meals. because the tannins in tea, will help curb craving for food and the water will keep you feeling full and most importantly hydrated. Thus helping you to lose weight and ultimately you will look and feel better.

Training System

The training system came in the original shipment of product in a booklet form and online which explained and laid out the training for you to read and understand. Once a week I would get a training call from my upline manager which would be to motivate me to keep up with the training getting me ready to recruit more people into the Herbalife business. She was from Washington State on the west coast of the USA and I live in Ontario Canada.

The Method of Recruitment

The method I had chosen to use was called the biggest loser competition. You would invite people to come to your seminar. You would then become a weight loss coach for them, of course, your contestants are supposed to become your new customers because you would sell them the weight loss products to use during the competition. Ultimately the goal for the distributor is to bring the customers into your business/Pyramid and gain commissions from the sales they would make as Herbalife distributors. I never got that far and ran out of money before I got started on my weight loss competition, you have to rent a space to do the competition and supply all of the food and supplements for the first day until your competitors ordered their first shipment from you!

Ask yourself is this a fair practice do people with big dreams and small budgets deserve to be fooled and scammed out of their hard-earned money? I don’t think so now that I have seen the facts before my eyes.

In my opinion all Multi level Marketing is just a way for the rich to get richer and may be once in a while somebody gets lucky and finds a handful of people that believe in them and fall for his or her personality unlike some of the great lies of earths past.

So Far it sounds great doesn’t it But wait till you watch the video on the link I am providing for you to watch.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Herbalife

Features Wealthy Affiliate Herbalife

Is it easy to get help?

Private coaching available?

Can you Contact the Owners?

Is there a live chat?

Is there step-by-step training?

Are free websites included?

Is web hosting included?

Can you try for free?

Is there a keyword research tool?

Is there an affiliate program?

Do I recommend this? Yes No

My Overall Rating 10/10 2/10

See My Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate banner

Stories From Former Herbalife Distributors


I was scammed by them years ago. I was Soo Mad & Very Disappointed that they would treat people this way!

My Reply:

Don’t be surprised they do it over and over every year.


My boyfriend was interested in Herbalife, but he never followed through with marketing the products. He was given a hefty marketing book and a free website. It seemed legitimate to me. My only complaint was the price of the products. They seemed really pricey to me.

My Reply:

I used the products and thought that it was good quality, but like you said the prices were on the high $ side compared to what’s available in a supermarket or drugstore.


Yes, I’ve been scammed by a similar program, Melaleuca. They both are Multi-level marketing scams in my opinion. Although they cannot really be considered pyramids because they do have products that supposedly offer some benefits. I never do MLM anymore. Got burned too many times.


My Reply:

I have heard of Melaleuca. I have never tried any of their products they sound just like most MLMs, My wife was contacted by them from an online source we did not pursue it because we have had enough of MLM.


I did Herbalife years ago. You can read my review here:

My Reply:

I agree with your review and i think to many people are getting ripped off by this huge company that is offering a dream and most often ends up as a nightmare.


Interesting stats, what authority do they come from?



Thanks for the source. Pershing Square Capital Management is owned by Bill Ackman a hedge fund billionaire who bet a billion for Herbalife shares to short. His disclaimer makes for interesting reading as well. Interesting how such a tiny snippet of Mark Hughes’ training was shown, so it’s out of context. Had the privilege of meeting him several times & attending many of his trainings, & of course Jim Rohn too.I was with Herbalife many years ago, before the Internet days! I absolutely loved it, love the MLM industry & the opportunity it gives the average person. It is no different to any other business model online or offline. There are always those that will push unethical practices (knew some of those too). It’s not for everyone, not everyone succeeds, even here! One does have to do the work & take responsibility for the choices one makes including buying more stock than one needs.I have several friends still in Herbalife (20+ yrs later), those making a fair living + those earning very well, with a good retail base. I have also witnessed many times newbies who went to work & overtook their up lines. So Pyramid? No way.I have a hard time swallowing when I hear ‘MLM + pyramid + scammed’.Well, you were looking for an emotional reaction lol.

My Reply:Are you in Herbalife now?


No Life circumstances took me in another direction. Going back has been tempting though dealing with physical products is no longer for me.


I did Herbalife back in the 1980’s.

I though the products were great, my up-line were helpful and supportive. I made money putting in very little time.

I often think about using the products again.

I would have nothing except nice things to say about them.

I was not scammed.

My Reply:

Are you in Herbalife now.

No What actually happened was I got into Real Estate where I was working 10 – 12 hours a day, seven days a week and making a boatload of money.You can read all about it here: Blog Request- “Sales Greats” Part II really didn’t have time for Herbalife. When I stopped I had 28 distributors that I turned over to my upline and I know they were well taken care of.There was never a time to go back to it.

Now, I work part-time at a job and I work full-time trying to build my online business.

My Reply:

I am glad to hear you enjoyed your experience with Herbalife. I can’t say that too many people have had that much fun with it. Accounting for the large money expenditures with buying product and not being able to sell the over-priced goods.


in Europe nobody who knows about health supplements little bit more is buying such an expensive herbals from Herbalife.. MLM system is terrible and products too.. just my opinion. 😉

My Reply:

What more can one person say, Than what you have already expressed.


They got me and made me piss off a bunch of my family and friends.

My Reply:

I know what you are talking about I did the same thing with Amway and spent a lot of money I didn’t really have to spend.


Herbalife is very much so, not a SCAM! – their products are 100% legit. as long as they don’t promise you the cure for cancer, sclerosis, and aids.

If you should ever across somebody doing this, please report them to Herbalife, and they will be banished, for life.

My Reply: I glad you are a happy customer because there are many millions who are not.


Hi, Dan. In a past life, I was a distributor for Herbalife. They are a multi-level marketing company – not a pyramid scheme as you buy product direct from the company regardless of whether you build a downline or not. I just hope they have improved the flavors of their products since those days. The real money is of course in the team building, but then that reflects the sheer hard work you put into building and supporting your team.

My Reply:

RJ, Unfortunately, 96 percent of distributors will tell you something different. The failure rate is alarming even for some who were making good money or maybe they were just telling you a scam story to keep you going and buying more product.

Ladies and Gentlemen it looks like most of the people I asked about Herbalife are no longer in the business and the answer is pretty similar. No time for or moved on to a different phase in their life. Honestly, I think that they just got tired of chasing a dream. They got trapped on the Herbalife wheel and had to find another way to make money.

That is all for MY Review of Herbalife, I hope you have been Educated.

Don’t Get Scammed Online!

Dan Labbe

Street Talk

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