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How Can I Earn Money - Making Serious Money On Line
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Maybe you are like many people I meet that are asking, “How can I earn money?” They need to earn money because their day job is meeting the bills. They have found that prices are edging up, medical insurance is growing, and their wages remain flat. They are not seeking to become rich, but just to make a living and avoid debt.

Some of them wonder how can I earn money, because they are part of the 10% that are unemployed. They have traveled to places that are hiring to find a hundred or more applying for 20 jobs. They have exhausted their unemployment checks and now have no income.

I have been one who has asked, “How can I earn money?” I have a steady job, but the raises just did not come, the medical insurance took more than 10% of my paycheck. My wife's job was eliminated and we started to struggle.

I searched on line to discover how I could earn money. I found many scams. You know the kind: promise big bucks in a short time, never telling what you are doing on the job, checking out their linked page and it does not immediately release you to search further, offering introductory information which is followed by a fee to join. These scams are an insult to the person trying to earn a little more money to make a living.

As I continued to search I found one that was ethical, did not promise the moon, would train me to make money, reward me for the effort I put in, and provide a continual support as I learned. It also provided the tools to perform the tasks that would make it easier to make money.

I was impressed that this was started by two college buddies who started to ask the important question, “How can I earn money?” One had to borrow $5 a week to start his business. They knew money could be made in this new business venture, but they did not know how. They wished they could ask someone , “How can I earn money with online marketing?”, but no one was providing the answers. After they discovered the techniques that worked, they set up a school to teach these same methods.

I learned how I could earn money through affiliate marketing through this school. Let me explain the pros and cons of affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is promoting another company's product and receiving a commission. I specifically am referring to on line affiliate marketing. This is done by either writing articles that link to a sales website or writing ads (called PPC, this method costs money) which directs people to a sales website. A link is created in the articles or ads that tell the company that you brought the customer to their website, then you get paid a commission.

Pros Affiliate marketing can be done for little money. It can be done for free using article directories and a free website or with your own domain for about $10 a month.

You write about what interests you. You can actually enjoy writing because it is something you are passionate about. Let's say it is golfing. You can write about your favorite putter, the best golf tip you received, new golf products, etc. From these articles you attach a link to a product you promote and a click through produces income.

You are rewarded for the work you do and the knowledge you have. I work hard, but many times I do not receive rewards for the extra effort I put in on the job. Unlike my day job, the more I work with affiliate marketing, the more money I make.

However, this is based on effective techniques. This is why I need to keep current on the most effective methods of affiliate marketing. My school teaches the basic techniques and keeps me up to date with weekly live webinars and provides answers to my questions through a forum and even live chat which connects me with many successful affiliate marketers.

Cons Affiliate marketing does not provide instant income. Expect one to two months before you see an income. the income grows as you continue to do the work. Also, the work you do today will continue to pay tomorrow and in months and years to come. The more ads (or articles) you have on the web the more traffic you create for the company and more commissions you earn.

Affiliate marketing has a big learning curve. I have learned how I can earn money in affiliate marketing while I learned techniques like keyword research, article marketing, web creation, and a little html. If you are ignorant about these things, don't worry I was too. That is why I joined Wealthy Affiliate, so I would learn how to do these things and others, so I could earn money.

While many people wonder how can I earn money, only a few are willing to learn affiliate marketing and to wait for an income for work that they do today. If you are willing to learn affiliate marketing I am sure it will provide the answer to “How can I earn money?”

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