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How Cash Gifting Is One Of The Hottest Online Markets
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How Cash Gifting Is One Of The Hottest Online Markets

I have been in a traditional business of chimney sweeping for over 20 years. I am a very successful chimney sweep. I graduated from college with a Business Marketing degree. But, some how I never fit into the normal rat race category of working for someone else (Just Over Broke). It seems to me, most of us just want to put food on the table, take care of our families and keep the bills paid.

I set many goals and achieved much success using honesty, fairness and integrity in all my business dealings. As the economy sunk into a deep recession, I noticed my traditional blue collar money making business did not produce as much cash as I was use to receiving daily. Trends changed and I sought more online business solutions to increase the cash flow I am use to receiving.

As I ride around in my work van, I see many vacant commercial buildings on the main highways. Numerous furniture stores are closing and ironically food grocery stores are being added to WALMART, TARGET and KMART type mega stores. This goes to show food, clothing and shelter are the necessities society has to purchase, despite the economic downturn.

I have researched numerous internet and business online programs. But, only one cash gifting program has produced results of cash delivered to my door. My mentor Larry Oxenham nicknamed this a happy truck delivery. There is such an adrenaline rush when packages get delivered to your door with crisp $100 bills.

It seems we all need a website online and a knowledgeable mentor to teach us what to do with our newly created website. There are mentors like Larry Oxenham, that take time out of their busy schedule to teach about how they drive traffic and make massive profits daily from the internet. Larry has marketed his web site for 15 years and developed a complete system that has made him $426,850 last year. He believes this year will be even better, since he has developed a special 'Power of Cash' post card that pulls money and cash deliverys to the doors of his team members.

Free member websites help get internet marketing up and running without hosting fees. No technical knowledge is needed to start making money online. 10% persistence and 90% dedicated physical work creates the change we need to accomplishes our dreams, hopes and desires.

Today, you may realize not advertising is like winking in the dark. No one sees you.

There are information age internet online marketing wonders like aweber autoresponders and capture pages that are quietly changing the playing field of the online worldwide web. The information age is here, alive and well. We have to use the right tools and technology that has the capability of shifting massive wealth to ourselves today.

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There are infinite business opportunities on the internet!

  about 1 decade ago

True Scott, but cash gifting has a very low overhead...can be truly done from home or worldwide. My team works with people, to truly give the support that the new as well as the seasoned entrepreneur; to give an equal chance to succeed by using autoresponders, live calls with 24/7 playbacks til the next weekly live call, already written capture pages, live support, post card marketing & much more... This economy just lost 11,000 jobs from Border Books closing their doors in the U.S. My gifting mentor just brought a condo by the money he made by receiving tax free gifts. He funds the mortgage to the puchaser of his property, thus creating another stream of income. Thanks for your comment Scott!

  about 1 decade ago
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