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How Do You Know A Web Niche Is Worth Pursuing?
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How Do You Know A Web Niche Is Worth Pursuing?

There are literally millions of people who want to make money online. A quick Google search on this subject will show its popularity . Therefore, you can expect lots of competition if and when you decide to enter this field. By the same token, there is a great need for people to adopt information on how to make money online.

Just like in any field of endeavor, you will find that there are certain processes that have been tried and proven effective in the field of How to Make Money Online. Time and experience, (in other words a lot of trial and error!) have uncovered certain steps that, in their most basic form, have to be followed by anyone that hopes to succeed in making money online.

The first thing that a would-be online marketer should do is to identify a "hungry crowd" that is, to look for a place or a product that people are now spending their money on. No better proof can be found that there is a viable business opportunity there.

If the would-be online marketer could narrow his search to a unique product or need, and especially if it is one that he or she has an interest in, he would be ahead of the millions of other online marketers who are not focused, and are wondering from one product offering to another, most likely falling prey to all the hype you find in online marketing.

With so many people attempting to make money online, you have to prepare yourself for the fact that you will have plenty of company from others trying to succeed online. Since it's inevitable that you will have competition, you might as well resign yourself to it and just stay focused on your objectives. Staying focused, you will no doubt be way ahead of your competition.

This focus on the products or the need you've discovered, will allow you to target your efforts where they are most likely to bear fruit, and that is to go where you found out that people are making their purchases. You can be sure that most of your competition will be too overwhelmed by the tremendous variety of options of products they can offer, and by staying focused you can stay ahead of the crowd.

At this point you may want to reassess your selection of the product or service you are offering to make sure you are maintaining your focus on what your potential customers really want, and that they are prepared to spend their money on what you've chosen to offer them.

Your efforts to stay focused on what you found out that people really need, will serve you well. Thus, you should avoid the temptation of getting side tracked by beginning to offer products you like and think your customers should also like. This could be the point at which all your efforts to sell products online get derailed.

Anyone that has spent even a minimal amount of time reading about making money online will have heard that you should build a list. "The money is in the list." How many times have you heard that? However, building that list is not the first thing that new online marketers do. In fact, there are some very effective strategies that do not require that you have a list. But for the long haul, you will want to start building your list as soon as you can.

There is research into people's buying habits that shows that on average, most buyers will have to be exposed to a product offering five or six times before they will decide to buy. In order for you to be able to provide them the opportunity to review your offering multiple times, you will want to capture their name and email address on the first contact so that you can follow up with repeated mailings of you offer.

Of course, having their name and email address will begin to build that mailing list you were told you needed. This list will become very valuable to you in the future when you have other products that you want to promote.

In order to be a successful online marketer, you will not only need to focus on those customers you identified as your target market, "the hungry crowd," but you will also have to stay focused on your online business, and avoid the myriad distractions that will come at you when you are online. Mastering this process is an important aspect of your success, and it can be a difficult one to achieve.

You will need to take advantage of every opportunity to further your knowledge and skills in online marketing. This will serve you well in the future as you begin to develop new marketing campaigns. You should begin to look beyond the immediate marketing efforts you've been involved in, and begin to develop longer range plans. You will want to be on the lookout for other areas where people are buying online so that you can have several opportunities to choose from as you go forward.

The time will come when you will be so busy that you will want to start looking for areas of your new online business that you can outsource so that you yourself can concentrate on marketing and working on your long range plans, and objectives.

And perhaps also, to free up some time so you can enjoy the fruit of your labors, your success in online marketing with some well deserved recreaton time.

Street Talk

Very well done - you are correct, we need to focus! That is the foundation of every business, the focus and mindset of the owner. I especially like how you talk about the "hungry crowd" and how you introduce the idea of outsourcing once achieving some success. We do indeed need to stay focused, and as we get ourselves launched we need to focus on the bigger picture by taking tasks we have mastered and outsourcing them to people we trust who choose to focus on that particular aspect of business.

  about 8 years ago

Thanks for commenting Cynthia...your feedback always adds value. I must admit that sometimes when I reread some of my articles I find I need to follow my own advise. This applies particularly to outsourcing. Every time I outsource I realize how much time I've saved, still I'ts hard for me to get out of the "I can do that better and cheaper myself." But as you point out, outsourcing gives us time to focus on managing our businesses instead of doing low cost work that someone else can easily do for us.

  about 8 years ago
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