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How Do You Make Money With A Blog?
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How Do You Make Money With A Blog?

One subject you are sure to find plenty of information about on the web is blogging, and how to make money from it. Should you decide to start a money making blog, you will also begin to appreciate the demands for new content that you will need to provide to keep your readers interested in what you have to offer. The financial success of your blog depends on it.

As you might expect from the web, you will run into plenty of hype which can waste your time and your money, and quite likely lead you in the wrong direction. As always, beware of hype!

In this post, we will review some approaches people use to make money with blogs.

If you check the money making offers that come your way, you will undoubtedly have seen ads and sales letters telling you how you can make a lot of money blogging. These ads and sales letters wouldn't keep coming your way if blogging was not a practical way to make money online.

Some bloggers are trying to make a modest amount of money to make ends meet. Others have found that if they continue this activity over time, their blogging income can grow considerably. And it's a steady recurring income, but it won’t happen on "auto-pilot."

Every blog published is different, and therefore the earnings potential will vary all over the map. The important point to keep in mind is that people are making money with this medium. The successful blog owners are the ones who have found a profitable niche. Writing for a wide audience is not practical in today’s web, not if you are interested in making money online fast.

So, where does the revenue and profits come from?

Google AdSense Most everyone that has been around the make money online field will be at least aware of Google AdSense, but they may not realize the great potential it has for creating income from your blog. This income comes from ads that Google places on your blog, and that visitors to your blog will choose to click on.

Some bloggers have gone on to build big incomes using AdSense. Others have found out the hard way that these days you have to be extremely careful with Google’s terms of use because even an innocent/careless mistake can cause the cancelation of your AdSense account with the resulting loss of that income source.

Other than that, you will have tremendous flexibility in the content of your blog, and Google AdSense will find the right revenue producing ads to place in those pages, and you will get paid for it.

E-Book Sales You don't necessarily have to write your own e-books to offer them for sale. You can easily finds e-books in just about any subject that interests you, or that you feel there is a need for, and get products that you can re-brand.

This can get you started while you do some research into a subject that may be of great interest to you, which you are passionate about, and can then write your own e-book. Your success in selling your own e-book will depend on the demand or the need for what you want to write about.

You will see e-books being sold for a little as $5-$7 all the way up to $20, depending on how unique the e-book is, and how much of a need it fills.

Affiliate Marketing This has often been presented as the ideal business to be in because you get to choose what you want to promote from a very large inventory of available programs. You will need to research the market beyond what the product owner offers you.

The beauty of this approach is that you don’t need your own product. Your job is simply to send potential buyers to the product site and collect a commission for any resulting sales.

When you are getting set up, you can compare various programs, including the promotional material they offer their affiliates, the sales letter that will present the product to the potential buyers you send to the product sites, the ads that you will place in your blog...every item you will need is already waiting for you.

All you do is make sure that your blog subscriptions continue to grow. And you won't have to worry about the quality of the product you are promoting because you will have checked this out in your program selection.

Membership Programs You have probably seen ads for membership programs. Many successful operators of membership programs swear by them because once you get a few hundred sign ups, you will be generating a steady monthly income. The products offered range from blogs, to software, to training courses and more.

Of course to be successful, you have to deliver quality content for which people will be willing to pay a subscription fee. You will have a certain level of turnover so you will need to keep recruiting new members.

Conclusion This is just a brief overview of some of the money making opportunities that are possible with blogs. Should you want to pursue this further, you will find an abundant source of tutorials and other instructional material by doing a few Google searches.

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