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How Important Is Residual Income
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How Important is Residual Income

Residual income or sometimes called recurring income is money that keeps coming in after the initial effort is complete. How important is residual income? Banks look at the residual income that you have after your personal debts have been paid. If you have enough residual income they will give you another loan because they know that you can afford the payments on the loan they just approved.

Actors get residual income on the movies that they make. They finished making a movie and continue to make money on it. If you have an oil well on your property, the oil company will pay you a percentage of the profit they make off it. The same way with authors, they get royalties off their books as long as their book are selling.

The problem is how many of us are actors or have an oil well on our property. I am willing to bet not many of us. Residual income is important when you retire. You would not have to worry about living on a fixed income. Fixed income or linear income is money that is paid as a one shot deal, basically it is money that you get for a set amount of hours you work or a task you complete. It is a one time payment, once the job is complete and you get paid for it, that is it.

Internet marketing is a way to earn residual income that is realistic for anyone. Owning an internet marking business is in anyone's budget no matter what your financial status. For that matter you do not have to have any money at all to get on your way to earn a residual.income.

When I started thinking of ways I could earn residual income so I would not have to work in the construction field for the rest of my life with no retirement plan. I ran across a gentleman at work one day and we started talking on the subject of retirement and how he did not have to worry about running out of money in his golden years.

This gentlemen started telling me about his internet marketing business and how he got started. The first thing he told me was that I did not need to know anything about internet marketing because they are businesses that will provide all the tools that you need and teach me everything that I need to know.

The second thing he told me was do not listen to negative people People that do not think starting their own business is possible. They do this because they think the only way to make money is work for someone else. If everyone thought that way none of us would have a job because their would not be any.

You have to talk to successful people, they will not shoot your idea down, they will encourage you and give you advice on how they started their business. I want people that want to start a business online and are serious about it to know that their is companies out their that will teach you and give you the opportunity to do so.

You can build a residual income no matter what your age and it is fun. If you are already retired this will give you something to do. It is something that I really enjoy and the best part about it is I make my own hours. I encourage you to do this it is a fun way to earn some residual income. You have nothing to lose so give it a shot and take action.

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