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How To Avoid The Tricks Of The Trade By Online Gurus
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How to Avoid the Tricks of the Trade by Online Gurus

Today I would like to discuss the known facts behind the science of these online gurus trying to take your money, for their own pocketbooks. How is the average person suppose to know what is real? My goal today is to help you acknowledge what is going on and avoid becoming their next victim.

The Enticing Lifestyle Videos

The gurus of the internet marketing world start with engagement through the use of videos which help in retaining the potential customers attention. This is done by showing off their extravagant lifestyles of luxury cars and homes. They are trying to appeal to your materialistic side by suggesting the lap of luxury is attainable by using their product. Further, they claim that thousands can be made daily through the use of their product.

Don't be fooled by what you see and hear as it is very unrealistic and they are just trying to glamour you into the idea you can generate a substantial income just like them. However, the truth is they did not become wealthy overnight.

The Initial Sale

The initial sale is when you decide to purchase an item online whatever that may be. It could be a tangible item like a computer purchased at Hewlett Packard in which they might even offer you a warranty or items to enhance the quality of the product. These extra's are considered upsells however, they are the legit ones.

Inside the wide world web, there is another market in which we make purchases which is the digital market world. The digital market consists of eBooks, training courses, software and much more and more times than none they fall into the make money niche. The problem is there is usually enormous marketing methods implemented to get a sale, but the so called, "tricks of the trade," by these gurus is an elaborate scheme.

Now the cold hard truth can be revealed, the upsell for the digital marketing world works in a more mysterious way. Instead of offering the upsell prior to purchasing their product they intentionally hide it behind the initial sale only to sneak attack you later. However, buyer beware the sign of the times is about to rush upon you like a tidal wave.

Purchasing the less expensive item will lead your favorite guru to subject you to the buyers upsell funnel. The worst part is you will not know it' happening,

Now the Upsell Torture Begins

Once you make the purchase, you have officially become the gurus favorite pupil, and an instant success within their kingdom because you are now a confirmed buyer. However, it is at that exact time that the beast emerges and targets their new victim (you).

Now the upsell torture begins by using the art of persuasion because of the original purchase. Wait right now we are offering this opportunity to upgrade at a special rate! We could charge thousands of dollars for this, but today only it can be purchased for not even hundreds but only $99.00. Does that sound familiar?

Think about this now, what happens when they offer up a second or even third upgrade at a special discount to further the excelled rise to riches? Many of you might be inclined to keep purchasing thinking you have to in order to reach stardom level. However, your $29.99 purchase has now climbed up to a few hundred dollars because of the promised prosperity.

Needless to say, there you sit with your credit card not knowing you have officially been hijacked. What they failed to tell you, is that the item you purchased was only a small piece of the whole pie. Their ulterior motive was the hope that you would buy into the additional upsells which ultimately make up rest of the pie.

Final Thoughts

It is a vicious cycle, and these gurus are relentless in their effort to make you their next victim. Do not let these gurus make you a victim as truthfully you do not need them to start making money online. There is plenty of respectful places online that are here to benefit you and not their pocketbooks. Finally, it is not reality to make thousands of dollars within one month as it is a process that takes time.

Leave me some feedback on your online experiences with these money hungry gurus or any thoughts you may have.

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