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How To Break Down The Niche
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How to Break Down the Niche

Today I want to show you how to find your niche using keywords to explore the endless possibilities that exist within each one. There are numerous topics that can be discovered that will leverage your playing field when considering your niche.

What is a Niche?

The "niche" by all accounts defines the people you will be marketing to because they are going to be your business. To begin think about what you are going to be selling and then decide on a marketing strategy. Your overall goal is to be able to find a niche that is in immense demand but without enormous competition.

Keyword Expedition

It is time for you to go on a keyword expedition using such tools as "Google Adwords Keyword Tool," to input some keywords to find out which one would be the best for your niche. Ultimately, by taking advantage of this tool is going to increase the chances that your website will be ranked high within various search engines which will escalate your potential for earning an income online more rapidly.

The use of keyword tools is so astonishing, and because of it your path to a successful online career greatly increases. Therefore, don't think for one second you can get away without the use of one as you would be mistakenly wrong. With billions of websites already established it is crucial that you have leverage in making your triumphant mark in an online business.

Niche Deep Drilling

Now let's start the niche deep drilling which is vital for a blossoming online business to become prosperous.

  • Niche: Weddings
  • Sub Niche: Wedding dresses
  • Brand: Vera Wang, Sophia Tolli, and JLM Couture
  • Niche: Shoes
  • Sub Niche: Sports shoes
  • Brand: Nike, New Balance, and Adidas

Every niche can be drilled down to a sub niche and then finally to a more refined niche like a particular brand. These examples is to give you an idea of what you should do in order to gain relevance within a given niche.

Keyword Input Time

Next let's go on a keyword expedition to plug in the keywords I used in the previous examples through "Google Adwords Keyword Tool.". This is the defining moments right here as the results are going to be an enormous deciding factor in the ultimate decision to pick a niche.

  • Keyword: weddings
  • Searches: 408,008
  • Competition: 186,000,000
  • Keyword: wedding dresses
  • Searches: 1,744,414
  • Competition: 404
  • Keyword: Vera Wang wedding dresses 2013
  • Searches: 79
  • Competition: 14
  • Keyword: Sophia Tolli
  • Searches: 410
  • Competition: 85
  • Keyword: JLM couture
  • Searches: 24
  • Competition: 81
  • Keyword: Shoes
  • Searches: 3,874,071
  • Competition: 490
  • Keyword: Sports shoes
  • Searches: 10,700
  • Competition: 317
  • Keyword: Nike flight basketball shoe
  • Searches: 82
  • Competition: 93
  • Keyword: New Balance kids soccer
  • Searches: 171
  • Competition: 5
  • Keyword: Adidas shoes online
  • Searches: 351
  • Competition: 170

The Results

These results are breathtaking as now you possess something valuable that not everyone is familiar with, the keywords that are going to give you the competing edge when deciding on a niche.

Results to ensure you are able to compete in this ferocious online business world is a search range of greater than 50 and competition of less than 300. If you choose a competing market of over 300 your chances of succeeding, have been lowered considerably.

Final Thoughts

I hope this gives further clarification of "How to Break Down the Niche," as it can appear confusing to newbies just starting out. If you are going to succeed then start off on the right foot and then move forward.

Street Talk

You explain it so well! And nice site!

  about 9 years ago

Thanks Eugene, I appreciate it! I'm glad you like my site! If you ever have any questions please feel free to ask.

  about 9 years ago
Anna Ware  

Thank you for breaking it down so well. You made it easy to understand, thanks a million for that.

  about 9 years ago

Thanks and your welcome.

  about 9 years ago
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