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How To Build A Successful Online Business
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A few years back, I had the good fortune to spend a little time with a multi-millionaire who owned a thriving online business. He offered a few tips but there was one particular piece of advise that always stuck with me. A couple years before this talk, he mentioned a business conference he had attended. This conference was geared toward business owner who wanted to learn to take their offline businesses online and use the internet to expand their businesses even faster.

Michael Dell of Dell computers was one of the speakers at the event. Michael Dell said that who ever learns to master the 3 C's will own the internet. So what are these 3 C's?

  • Content
  • Commerce
  • Community

Content: I know some of you have heard this 1,000 times content,content,content. I see you rolling your eyes. There's nothing wrong with having the importance of quality content (and lots of it) drilled into your head. I know I need it from time to time. Having lots of quality content not only helps search engines find your site, it also gives people a reason to stay on site. Have you ever left a website open in your browser for several hours while you where away just because there was so much great content that you where afraid you wouldn't be able to find it again? That is what we should all strive to create.

Commerce: This one probably seems obvious to a lot of you as well. If your website has no commercial intent, all the traffic in the world won't earn you a single penny. Almost every website has some element of commerce to it but are you giving your prospective customers enough choices? It's easy to become too focused on promoting one particular product and there is no "one size fits all" solution in any market. People love to buy and they love to have choices. Having choices can make a person feel like they are buying rather than being sold to.

Community: Of the 3 C's, building a sense of community is one of the most overlooked and probably most challenging aspects of building a successful online business. If you think about some of the more interactive websites you visit, you've probably noticed that they are wildly successful. People love to give their opinions and will often come back to your site to read the responses they may have gotten from others. You may not be looking to create the next Facebook or Wealthy Affiliate, but finding a way to encourage visitors to interact and build a sense of community within your website is certainly worth your consideration.

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