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How To Build An Online Website For Your Business
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Contrary to the belief of most people, a website is not an online business but rather it is an aid for online businesses. I said this because it is not all website we see that are monetized or built for business purposes. Some website are informational, artistic in nature or personal and they do not make money. However, you must learn how to build an online website for your business if you are an internet marketer. You can not do without an online website or a blog as an internet marketer, however, if you do not what to stress yourself with HTML code or learning the process of setting up blog, you can outsource this part of your online business. Whichever, you want to go for either to build it yourself or outsourcing, you must know these basic things about how to build an online website for your business.

The steps include

(a) Knowing Your Product or Service

Building an online website for your business starts with knowing all about your product or service. You must be able to describle what your product or service is all about because it is when you can do this successfully that you will be able to get a perfect domain name that is search engine friendly. When you can explain your product or service to the extend that a novice of that product or service will know exactly what it does, you will be able to write quality content for such site. Also, you will be able to write your sales letter. Therefore, knowing your product or service very well is very important if you want to build an online website for you business.

(b) Buy Your Domain Name

Your domain name must be associated with your product or service that is why you must know your product or service very well. If possible let your domain name be the name of your product or service. And if you can not get exact you can add prefix like "the","best" or suffix like "exposed", "review", "reviewed" etc. Head over to domain name registrar companies like godaddy, namecheap etc. and register your domain name with a token of between $2 to $15.

(c) Choose an Online Web Hosting Company

After the purchase of your domain name, the next thing you would need to do is get one hosting company that will be your hosting server. This company will rent a space for you in their server with a charge where your website will be hosted for the whole world to see what your business is all about. As a starter it is not advisable for you to register and host your website with same company, it might be dangerous. If you are using different companies for these purposes, you need to change your Domain Name Server numbers (DNS) given to you by your registrar to that of your hosting company. Whoever, your hosting company is will give you tutorial on how to do this.

(d) Adding of Pages to Your Website

Without you adding different pages to your website, all your effort from step a to c are useless. You must add page(s) to your site. Your online website can have a page or multiple pages. If multiple pages, it will include "Home Page","About me Page", "Product or Service Page" etc You might choose to use HTML page or WordPress template. The most common today is the usage of WordPress template because you will find step by step tutorial of its usage online. It is very easy to use. After the creation of the pages, you must add relevant content to each of the pages. Ensure your contents are search engine friendly.

(e) Get Your Website Monetized

This is the whole essence of learning how to build an online website for your business. If this part is left undone it means your website is just informational, personal or just for fun. Getting your site monetized means link your site with your product or service. It is possible that your product or service is an affiliate, get your unique affiliate link from the owner of the product and link it with your website, whenever, sales is made through your website or affiliate link you have the credit. Rather, if the product is yours ensure you include payment system into the website. These are two ways to monetize your website.

(f) Promotion of Your Website

This is a form of advertisement of your goods and service. If you took effort to build a website and you are not promoting it, it is a fruitless effort. Ensure you have plan to promote your website. The promotional aspect can be in two ways. The paid version and the free version. The paid version can be through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) which is owned by Google or through Facebook Advert. While the free version include writing of articles to be submitted to article directories, talk about it in forums. etc

Frankly speaking, these steps can not be exhausted in this article, you must learn the details.These are just few of those things you need to know on this topic. Having full understanding would guaranteed the success of your online business

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