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How To Create Wealth From Nothing Online
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Firstly Stop Procrastinating

Ask yourself this simple question. Why am I where I am at this time in my life? The answer is simple you are exactly where you want to be. Now i can here you cry, I don't want to be struggling all the time, can hardly afford to pay my bills, put food on the table, can't afford a holiday etc. But that's not what the question asks, I didn't ask what you want in life, I asked why are you where you are.

To expand further it is by your actions in the past that have decided where you are today and it is by your decisions and actions that your future will be decided. It is you and only you who can change your future for one that you want. So what do you need to do. STOP PROCRASTINATING.

You are not a victim

Events out with your control will always happen, right now there is a world recession that some people would argue is the worst that the western world has seen. You may have lost your job, may not have had a wage rise for several years, there may be no opportunities for career enhancement where you work due to your company consolidating it's assets. You are no different from everybody else in a similar position. Life is not giving you a hard time, it isn't singling you out for special treatment. So if you are saying to yourself "why me" then stop it, this is the first mistake that you are making.

I have met as I am sure you have met people who don't want to work because they say that they can't afford to and would rather live off state benefits, this is just fear that is stopping them from getting out there and getting a job, once in employment the opportunity is there for these same people to get on in the work place and improve they're prospects.

Even now during the worst recession for at least two decades, there are people out they're making lots of money. They know that they have they're own destiny in they're own hands and they know how to achieve the goals and desires that they have set out for themselves. These are the people that you should be looking to for inspiration and mentoring. Some of these same people are making they're money in Online Businesses's.

Education is the Key to Success

If you got to University the chances are that you are going to earn a lot more that someone who leaves school with no more than a high school education. Education is knowledge and knowledge pays. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur you may start by reading books by the likes of Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, Donald Trump and Warren Buffett. They're success and how they achieved it is a model to success, and if you follow what they have done to achieve they're success using the same techniques may not guaranteed success, but with effort and flexibility then success is more likely as you have a mentor to follow.

This is the same with making money online. If you are new and don't really know where to start then getting good advice and education is a must. There are a lot of websites that promise get rich quick schemes but the truth is the only person getting rich is the website owner themselves. What you require is an ethical and honest company that offers training, education and support.

There is a lot to learn when setting yourself up with a online business, website set up, web hosting, traffic generation, keyword research, SEO's, pay per click, article writing, back linking, article writing the list goes on and on and it may seem daunting, but with the correct support and education you can and will learn the skills that you need, but you need to take action, don't just sit back and wait for things to happen.

It is once you stop procrastinating and start taking steps toward your goals and desires that results will start to come to you.

Get with the Program

Every business has people who shine and stand out more that others. You may even find them annoying or think that they cuddling up to the boss or the manager. They are with the Program, office politics are to say the least frustrating. Rules of how to act and behave are set out, what can and can't be said and what people expect and demand from each other. The people that shine and succeed are getting with this particular office rules, they make just as many mistakes and error if not more that the rest of the workforce but they know what the need to succeed. They may be morphing into the boss or the manager, but all they're really doing is using the boss or manager as a mentor to success.

When making money online from nothing there is a program, a program that requires you to copy what is already working for others. Theses are the people that you want as your mentor. It is probably the case that they may have started off exactly where you are right now, but went out and got themselves a mentor to guide them through the minefield on online marketing. They made the decisions and took action and made sure that they had the support and help of they're mentor.

What does someone get out of giving you help, support and advice. Firstly if it was given to them freely then they are just giving back what was given to them. Secondly they may have business opportunities that they themselves are excited about that they may offer you the chance to get involved in. it doesn't mean you have to take them up on they're offer but the offer may be just what you are looking for.


You want to make money online from nothing. It can be done you just need to know how to achieve this, but to achieve this you must obey three simple rules, and these are. 1.Stop Procastinating, 2. Get Educated and 3. Get yourself on to the program. No more excuses, find out how to succeed and get moving, once you take the first step the it becomes easier to take the second and third and fourth and so on.

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