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How To Do Keyword Research: The Simple Options
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Before you become good at something you must understand how it works, right? If you want that certain niche to be prosperous you must know how to do keyword research the correct way. Learning how to do keyword research in an out of date fashion can result in either your website or blog to fall short in a top ranking spot on Google. I want to lay out a few problems many people overlook as they figure the right way to how to do keyword research and provide a couple steps that will lead you to the prosperous path.

Before you perform the right steps on how to do keyword research you must understand how it's going to benefit your success. The main goal for researching keywords is to find the right keyword to present to your niche audience. The right keyword will consist of multiple to massive searches every month, very low competition in google, and it will be specific a.k.a. "long tailed keywords". The most common form of obtaining these keywords are with a keyword tool. Following the correct steps on how to do keyword research can result in thousands upon thousands of traffic leading to your desired page.

How to do Keyword Research with Free Tools

1. There are two main free keyword tools that can benefit people with a low budget, but still would like to understand how to do keyword research correctly, in this day and age. They are Traffic Travis, and the Google keyword tool.

2. Use either one and simply search a phrase related to your niche. For example: "magic tricks". The tool should generate a list with not only "magic tricks" but other long tailed keywords like "how to do magic tricks" or "learn to do magic tricks". The long tailed keywords are what you are aiming for. You don't want broad short phrases. Many people make this mistake.

3. Study how many searches each phrase racks up per month (it's per day with Traffic Travis, but simply multiply 30) and the potential keywords will be the ones with over 300 searches every month on average.

4. To figure out the competition for a certain keyword you must go to google's search settings to change a few things. Turn off google instant and set the amount of sites viewed from 10 to 100. Now search for your phrase in quotation marks. Google sometimes isn't accurate with displaying exactly how many sites has that certain phrase so you must go to the very last page (that's why you changed the setting from 10 to 100) and the competition number should drastically go down.

5. Find a phrase that has less than 5000 competition and you have just correctly learned how to do keyword research with free tools. Now use that keyword to benefit you in any way!

How to do Keyword Research with Professional Tools

Since I'm a member of Wealthy Affiliate University, I have access to their keyword tool and it just makes it a lot easier and more accurate to finding the right keywords. Most professional keyword tools are similar so the steps I'm going over should generally work with all of them.

1. It's easier to understand how to do keyword research with these tools because usually all the stats are displayed once you do a search. So search your phrase Ex: Magic Tricks

2. Depending on how you are going to use the keywords, set the Article Power or PPC Power from high to low so you can take note on the keywords higher than 7.5 power. The higher the Article power, the more of a chance someone will read your full article and with a higher PPC power, the more of a chance the person will click the advertisement.

3. Make sure to jot down the LONG tailed keywords with less than 5000 competition and more than 300 google monthly searches. The stats are all listed in Wealthy Affiliate's keyword tool, but if not then refer to my steps with free tools to determine the stats.

It's definitely a lot easier to understand how to do keyword research if professional keyword tools are available to you, but it is also a possibility to utilize your knowledge of how to do keyword research even if it is not available. A review of Wealthy Affiliate University goes over exactly what tools is provide for all of it's members and since I'm an Article Marketer I go over how to use article marketing to increase web traffic as an option for all the keywords you researched!

I'm Kenn Pyon and my goal is to become one of the top Article Marketers in the world of Internet Marketing. I often use Wealthy Affiliate's keyword tool and each time I want to learn more about a niche concept, I always seem to learn a better way on how to do keyword research.

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